New Sivas Center Get YHT Station

New Sivas Center YHT Station: Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Sivas Branch President Lawyer Mustafa Coskun, Extended Consultation Meeting held in Elazig Transport Maritime and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan'a will lead the future of Sivas 12 article request file It offered. Coşkun gave Minister Elvan verbal information about the region, which should be carried out at the High Speed ​​Railway Route and Station. Coşkun also met with Sivas Mayor Sami Aydın and invited Minister Elvan to Sivas and said that they would like to examine the project route together.

MUSIAD Sivas Branch Chairman Lawyer Mustafa Coskun, Elazığ Branch which hosted and MUSIAD Chairman, Board of Directors, all branch president in Turkey, Sector Boards Chairmen and Members of the Organization being responsible Presidents, the Extended Consultation Meeting attended by Heads and Representatives of branch operating abroad She attended. Coşkun, Müsiad members, Sivas Deputies, Mayor Sami Aydın, AK Party President of Sivas Province Ziya Şahin presented to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan, the files of the 1 articles which were worked on 12 months with members of the Municipality and the Provincial Assembly. In addition, President Coşkun told the participants the text of the report in his speech at the meeting. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan stated that they will examine the issues mentioned in the report and they will carry out the necessary studies. Mr. Mustafa Coşkun, the President of the Branch of the Muslim Branch of the Branch, visited the Minister Elvan after a meeting. Coşkun wanted to make a meeting with the participation of all officials, especially Sivas Mayor Sami Aydın, as a result of the trips and investigations to be made in Sivas.


The report, presented by Mr. Mustafa Coşkun, President of the MUSIAD, included the following: i The high-speed train (YHT) line crossing the inner city or following the Northern Ring Road. If the city crossing is followed by the existing railway line, the city will be divided into pieces, in this case, the Cumhuriyet University will be affected negatively by the Kızılırmak Project and the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard projects. Establishment of the High Speed ​​Train Station (YHT) Station on the upper part of Hayri Cattle Street and the lower part of Merakum, where a new Sivas can be built:

This region, which will pass the Northern Ring Road, has the potential to become a new center for Sivas. If the station building is established at this location, transportation will be very easy for the passengers coming from the surrounding cities, there will be no parking problems, the shopping center and the hotel need will be met very comfortably. From Kurtderesi Vadi Park along the Northern Ring Road to the Pasha Factory, the new square, workplace and housing projects and green areas will be built and a new one will be established. In the center of Sivas, there should be a big square to be built in front of the railway station. Thus, with the construction sector, all sectors will be revived and new employment areas will be formed.

Opening of Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Line at 2016: The High Speed ​​Train project was announced as the 2014 year of the end date, and this period was extended and extended by one year each year. Now the High Speed ​​Train project is announced as the end date 2017. If the Sivas-Ankara YHT project can be completed without delay, it should be completed at 2016 or the extension should not be allowed. The North Ring Road will be constructed as soon as possible: Starting from the entrance of Sivas-Ankara road, the North Ring Road, which will continue from the Merekum skirt, should be opened as soon as possible and the city should be developed in this region. When the YHT station is connected to the city center, Otogar and Cumhuriyet University along with the light rail system to be built via Hayri Cankir Street, the city traffic will be relieved.

High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) station via North Ring Road to Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport: When this connection is made, YHT station will be connected to the airport by the shortest route, both the highway and the airways will come from the neighboring cities. travel will be provided. Construction of Hafik - Doğanşar - Koyulhisar Road: The works done on this line should be finished as soon as possible. The most important region of Sivas in terms of nature tourism should be connected to Sivas and the Black Sea and Doğanşar should be saved from the street.

Construction of Altınyayla - Kangal Road: The connection to the divided roads around Altınyayla district will be realized by new or improved roads. Construction of Yıldız Mountain – Hot Çermik Road: The ski facilities to be established on Yıldız Mountain and the Hot Çermik Hot Springs, which will become one of the thermal tourism centers of the future with the investments made, should be connected to each other by road. Starting the construction of Çamlıbel, Yağdonduran and Kızıldağ Tunnels as soon as possible: Due to the heavy winter conditions in our city, it is an application that will increase both the socio-economic structure of our city, living standards and passenger safety, and we will immediately return to our city. kazanWe think it's a must-have service.

to become the Regional Directorate Sivas Telekom Provincial Directorate: Face measurement care in Turkey's largest in our region because it is the second city geographically strategic structure, adjacent Compared with the provinces, it will provide a supremely comfortable facilities than other provinces in the transportation and service point with the location where the titular The problems experienced in practice will be overcome more easily. 11-) as soon as the call center in Sivas establishment Telekom: along with the investments made in recent years is rapidly becoming one of the Sivas call center bases in Turkey.

Due to the presence of call centers of many institutions and organizations in our city, many courses have been opened by both professional organizations and non-governmental organizations in order to train qualified and qualified personnel, and these courses have attracted a great deal of interest from young people living in our province as well as young people residing in our province. It is shown. For this reason, a new call center to be opened in our city, the technical infrastructure, qualified staff infrastructure is available. As a result of our research and interviews we have seen that the Provincial Directorate of the Turkish Telecom in the province to provide the physical conditions that will be required when a center is necessary to establish a venue. PTT Logistics Base, located in the middle of Turkey to establish a moment ago in Sivas currently available buildings and infrastructure necessary for the logistics base will be established is possible to open a business without a significant investment.

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