Increased incentive for bus companies in Germany

In Germany, when the monopoly of railroads increased, the incentives for bus companies increased: In Germany, as a result of the 2013 journey, there was an increase in the rate of traveling by intercity buses after the removal of the monopoly of the German Railways (DB). On average, compared to the train trip, less than 50 bus travels are generally common among the metropolitan cities.

He was among the states that encouraged bus companies in Baden-Württemberg (BW). This year, the Ministry of Transport has included 73 bus company in the scope of incentives. The amount of incentives will reach 5 million euros this year. The incentives will vary between 17 bin 500 and 157.500 Euro depending on the situation of the companies. The incentives are given to the criteria of whether the vehicles are environmentally friendly or not. According to this, the priority of incentive is given to the enterprises that have the car park with the lowest carbon dioxide emission.

On the other hand, the City Council in Stuttgart on the issue of traveling by intercity bus is one of the most common problems, and in general, there is a shortage of stops. In particular, the Stuttgart 21 Project, due to the extremely limited Stuttgart Station and next to the intercity bus terminals in the Untertürkheim district does not respond to the needs of the passengers are victims. Terminals will be created in the districts of Oberturkheim and Zuffenhausen. In addition, the bus terminal at Stuttgart Airport will also provide terminal services to 2015.

The number of companies entering the sector is increasing rapidly. Some companies have already begun to say that competition in some lines, prices are likely to fall in the coming months reminds. According to the current tariff, for example 2,5 is paid 31 Euro for the Frankfurt-Cologne journey. If this route is preferred by train, the price is 138 Euro. From Frankfurt to Berlin, while the bus is near 85 Euro, the price to be paid is around 250 Euro.

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