Pirelliden hot campaign

Pirelli's hot campaign: Pirelli continues to sign campaigns that make life easier for consumers. 15 In the new campaign that will continue until June, consumers who buy automobiles, SUVs and light commercial vehicle summer tires from Pirelli Authorized Dealers do not pay VAT and benefit from the bonus 8 installment opportunity.
Pirelli, not only with its technologies, but also with its consumer friendly approach to its campaigns, Pirelli completes a special campaign for summer tires after the end of the winter tire application. Pirelli welcomes Pirelli from the winter tire to summer tire and offers the opportunity to prepare the vehicles for summer and in the campaign for the summer tires of cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles.
15 The campaign will continue until June, the Pirelli Authorized Dealers who come to the campaign, benefiting from the campaign, also get the bonus special 8 installment opportunity.
Information about the campaign, www.pirelli.com.t is can be reached from.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 12:16

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