Main Sponsor of FIATA 2014 Istanbul Congress was Ekol

📩 24/11/2018 12:16

The Main Sponsor of the FIATA 2014 Istanbul Congress was Ekol Logistics: 2 was the main sponsor of the 2014 FIATA World Congress, the largest organization of the global logistics sector in Istanbul.

Europe and Turkey's leading logistics company Ekol will give 13-18 2014 October date in International Transportation and Logistics Service Providers Association will be held from UTIKAD's host FIATA World Congress in Istanbul 2014 main sponsor.

Following the signing of the sponsorship agreement UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, Board Member and FIATA Road Working Group Chairman with the participation of the General Manager Cavit Uğur Sandalci Rica Ekol Logistics Chairman he made a visit to thank Ahmed in Mosul.

Ekol Advisory Board Member Nedret Koray and Fleet Director General of Cavite miller with UTIKAD delegation welcomes Ekol Logistics Chairman Ahmet Mosul, contact and regulation period as of this stressing it would be a roadmap for the convention industry, "Future 5 years of the first in Europe Our goal is to be among the 10 logistics company and we are taking firm steps with the awareness of the importance of global thinking and sustainable service. In this context, as Ekol Logistics, we are pleased to be the Main Sponsor of FIATA 13 World Congress, which will be organized with the theme of “Sustainable Growth in Logistics” by UTIKAD after 18 year after 2014-12 October 2014.

Underlining that the FIATA World Congress will be held in Istanbul, the Turkish logistics industry will achieve significant gains. As Ekol Logistics, we have always existed in the formation of the sector and we will be thereafter uk.

UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Turgut Erkeskin emphasizes that international organizations, which are realized with the support of sector companies, public sector and non-governmental organizations, are of great importance in terms of achieving the country and sector targets. he expressed his pleasure to be a contributor and thanked Ekol Logistics Chairman Ahmet Mosul.

Turgut Erkeskin said, akıl When we think about logistics, Istanbul is coming to mind when FIATA World Congresses and FIATA World Congresses are mentioned. We define the year 2014 as 'Logistics Capital Istanbul'. We will host 125 professionals from 1000 country in Istanbul at the FIATA World Congress, which will be hosted by our association for the second time. Continents and cities linking Turkey, future production, storage and distribution base contains a great potential for logistics. Sharing this potential with the whole world will create new opportunities for the country's economy and our sector. Our company is a sponsor, with the support of our industry and contributing to the promotion of Turkey in a worldwide organization will also have the chance to increase their visibility. The sponsorship of Ekol Logistics, which aims to be among the first 10 logistics company in Europe, will serve as an example to other sector companies. We invite all stakeholders of our sector, relevant ministries and affiliated institutions and non-governmental organizations to support our congress. Sektör

At the end of the visit, UTİKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin delivered the Talking Stick, the symbol of FIATA World Congresses, to Ahmet Musul, Ekol Chairman of the Board. The symbol, 1, will remain in Ekol for the month, Erkeskin added.

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