Europe's Light Commercial Vehicle Leader Renault Renews New Trafic Model (Photo Gallery)

Europe's Light Commercial Vehicle Leader Renault Renews its New Trafic Model: For 16 years, Renault light commercial vehicle leader Renault has been renewing the Trafic model, which has been at the top of its market since 1998, in the summer of 2014.
· In addition to the robust and dynamic lines of Yeni Trafic, the front of the Renault brand represents the new design identity.
· New Trafic passenger car features:
Comfortable, attractive and quality cabins
The windscreen is much more inclined, as in passenger cars, compared to the previous generation
MPV's comfort level and driving position
Modern control panel
· The new Renault Trafic offers the best storage capacity of the market with its 90 liter capacity.
· New Trafic has the longest load carrying capacity in the market (L2 version: 4.15 meter).
· The new engine range Twin Turbo is used as an innovation in the field of downsizing with Yeni Trafic. 1.6l Energy dCi 120 and Energy dCi 140 Twin Turbob technology provide the same performance as a two-liter engine and also reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 Combining power, fuel-saving and performance. offers the lowest fuel consumption of the class: 5.9 liters in light commercial vehicle versions / 100km * (155 g CO2 / kmand 5.7 liters in passenger car versions / 100km (149 g CO2 / km).
Renault's Formula 1 has been used.
New Trafic has 1.6 different engine options, all of which are 4 liters: Energy dCi 120 Twin Turbo (320Nm) Stop & Start, Energy dCi 140 Twin Turbo (340Nm) Stop & Start, dCi 90 (260Nm), (Stop & Start option) ), dCi 115 (300Nm) Stop & Start.
· Yeni Trafic, a mobile office, has advanced technology and multimedia systems: Audio system, CD player, digital radio compatibility (country dependent), radio, hands-free phone with Bluetooth®, USB input, jack. Also included is the R-Link Evolution® multimedia system, the latest version of the multimedia system MEDIA NAV and R-Link multimedia system with seven-inch (18cm) touchscreen and radio.
· Four new comfort and safety features have been added in the new Trafic: reversing camera, wide-angle mirror, hill-up support, improved handling.
· With the production of the new Trafic model in Sandouville, Renault produces all of the European market-leading light commercial vehicle range in three factories in France.
Among the robust and dynamic lines of the new Trafic are the front face, which represents the new design identity of the Renault brand. However, significant changes were made to the interior of the vehicle. Designed to be both practical and comfortable, the cabin features passenger cars in terms of charm and quality. In addition, a full 90 storage compartment with a capacity of 14 is offered for commercial vehicle users.
Since the launch of the new Trafic 10 will be available in different colors; two of them are new (Bamboo Green and Copper Color). The green color was developed to emphasize the energy efficiency of the engines offered with the new Trafic.
Designed to be used as a mobile office, the car's cab offers smart solutions that allow the driver to easily access his mobile phone, tablet and laptop. It consists of four 1 or 2 DIN radios with or without audio system, CD player and digital radio compatibility (depending on the country).
From the first level of equipment, the hands-free phone with Bluetooth® and the USB port on the front panel and the radio are included.
The MEDIA NAV system integrated into the center console in New Trafic provides solutions to many multimedia needs. The system includes Nav & GO navigation in 2D and 2,5D (bird's eye view) and is offered with a seven-inch (18cm) touchscreen and radio. Renault R-Link Evolution® multimedia system, which is the newest version of the R-Link multimedia system in the control panel, has a capacitive display (allowing zoom and scroll functions). (Available from the end of 2014)
The R & GO® system, on the other hand, is an application for tablets and smartphones (Android and iOS) developed especially for Renault customers. This app allows tablets and smartphones to automatically interoperate with the vehicle's radio once downloaded.
The compartments under the intermediate compartment and front seat offer the best load-carrying capacity of the market in terms of maximum load length (up to 2 meters in L4.15 version). The new Trafic is the only Van model in its class, which can carry goods with its two flaps up to 3.75 meters (L1 version) or 4.15 meters (L2 version) while the rear doors are closed.
The new Trafic Van range offers two different lengths / heights - however, there are passenger cabin, platform cabin and passenger transport versions for the total 270 combination. The capacity of the truck versions varies between 5.2 and 8.6 m3. The new Trafic is longer than 210mm from Trafic II, with a total additional load capacity of 200 liters (H1 version) or 300 liters (H2).
The new Trafic also has a hands-free card. By pressing the 'boot' button on the card, it is possible to open only the rear doors instead of the driver or passenger door. This function is a very practical solution for frequent loading and unloading.
Approximately 30 of the Trafic model is being converted. This can be done by a Renault Tech or Renault-approved specialist (360 worldwide) to ensure the highest level of quality.
Renault's engine experts have implemented the technologies that make use of the brand's achievements in Formula 1 on engines in Yeni Trafic. The brand is launching an innovation in the field of downsizing with the introduction of Twin Turbo technology in diesel energy engines. This technology provides the same performance as a two-liter engine and also reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 (compared to the dCi 115 presented in Trafic II).
(149 g CO2 / kmrecord low.
Energy dCi 120 Twin Turbo (320Nm), Stop & Start.
Equipped with this new engine, Yeni Trafic offers the lowest fuel consumption in its class: 5.9 liters in light commercial vehicle versions / 100km
(155 g CO2 / kmand 5.7 liters in passenger car versions / 100km (149 g CO2 / km). This engine offers fuel savings, comfort and performance together, while also reducing emissions.
Energy dCi 140 Twin Turbo (340Nm), Stop & Start.
This engine is still very powerful and offers agile acceleration even at low engine speeds because of its low engine speed 1,250 rpm. Even though the fuel consumption is only 270 liters / 6.1km
level. An ideal choice for heavy loads, long journeys, trailer towing or driving in mountainous areas. It can be ordered with Stop & Start.
dCi 90 (260Nm), with Stop & Start or without Stop & Start. This engine, which is both efficient and economical, is very suitable for urban use.
dCi 115 (300Nm) with Stop & Start. Thanks to its extra power and torque, this engine is more flexible and better suited for use in urban and busy areas. It can easily adapt to heavy loads. It provides the ideal balance between dynamic performance and low fuel consumption of 6.5 liters / 100km *.

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