Library was built in Erzurum Station

A library has been built in Erzurum Station: TCDD Erzurum Train Station has been built for the passengers in the library which contains the historical, cultural and social structure of the city.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Erzurum city's historic railway station waiting room for passengers, was built library of books including cultural and social structure.

Prepared to give the habit of reading to the citizens waiting for the departure time of the Garda train, the book pool, which has been prepared and put into practice, includes various encyclopedias as well as novels, stories, magazines and articles.

Manager Yunus Yesilyurt, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, the greatest purpose of the library to open the service to the city or waiting for the time of train to give reading habit, he said.

Yeşilyurt stated that among the books there are sources printed for foreign tourists, he said:

“This is the entrance and exit gate of the city at some point. While welcoming our guests coming to Erzurum, we created a library in the area we wanted to be a beautiful hall. There is nothing better than greeting people with a book and seeing them off with a book. The purpose is not just to greet people here with a book or send them off with books. Whichever book passengers want to read while waiting here, that book is available. At the same time, if we can get people into the habit of reading books, we are happy. There are various novels as well as encyclopedias in the book pool and library we have prepared. Thank you to those who supported the establishment of the library and book pool. "

Yeşilyurt emphasized that they received verbal and written congratulations from the citizens and said, “We did not anticipate that it would attract so much attention when establishing a library and creating a pool of books in the first place, but we were happy to see that people closely examined and started to read the books while waiting here. Among the books in the book pool are guidebooks prepared by the Erzurum Governorate, written in different languages, explaining the historical, social and cultural structure of the city ”.

For the journey of Garda or citizens waiting to meet their guests also expressed satisfaction with the application.



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