Asphalt Repair Works Started in Erzincan

📩 24/11/2018 12:31

Asphalt Repair Works Started in Erzincan: Erzincan Municipality started the asphalt works with the warming of the weather.
The city teams who give priority to the repair of the asphalt of the damaged streets due to the winter conditions and infrastructure works in the city will not leave the street and the street with asphalt problem. As a result of the correction of the damaged roads by our asphalt teams of the Directorate of Science Works are being repaired. In the cold climate of our city, asphalts in the winter months to see great damages, natural gas and drinking water work due to the asphalt degraded in our streets asphalt repairs accelerated, all our roads will be renewed in a very short period of time. Our intention is not to leave the streets and streets with asphalt problems this year. N


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