The number of visitors in Erciyes exceeded 1 million

The number of visitors in Erciyes exceeded 1 million: Erciyes AŞ Chairman Cıngı:: 4 visited the Mount Erciyes Ski Center in 1 more than a million people. Although we had a dry period, the number of visitors increased compared to last year Kur

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Cahit Cıngı said that they had closed the season at Erciyes Ski Center. De 4 visited the Mount Erciyes Ski Center more than one million people during the month. Although we had a dry period, there was an increase in the number of visitors compared to last year. Kur

Cıngı, AA correspondent, said in a very good season in Erciyes'de this year, he said. Although the drought in the country is dominated by drought, the number of skiers and visitors to Erciyes increased compared to last year, indicating that a pleasing circumstance Cıngı, drought stressed that the positive reflected in Erciyes.

Not only in the many ski resorts in Europe, Turkey also experienced striking Cıngı shortage of snow, he said:

"Especially ski lovers due to the drought in Turkey was forced to choose to do Erciyes skiing. Uludag, Kartalkaya Davraz as snow shortage of Turkey's most important ski centers yaşanınca ski lovers flocked to Erciyes. Because we opened the season at the beginning of December in Erciyes, and 4 months of skiing was possible. 147 1 700 with artificial snow machine 243 thousand square meters of area 143 thousand cubic meters of snow produced. 290 thousand 6 skiers had arrived last season this season 151 increased by 230 14 thousand reached the person 186. There has also been an increase of 212 in the number of skids. This season the XNUMX bin runner had arrived this season and this number was XNUMX bin. Geçen

In addition to that, a large number of people come to Erciyes for a day trip and picnic, Cıngı said, ğ Total 4 in the month of Mount Erciyes Ski Center 1 more than a million people visited. Although we had a dry period, the number of visitors and skiers increased compared to last year. This has shown us how accurate the Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center Project is. Bu

Especially in Istanbul this season, many skiers and visitors coming to Erciyes Cıngı, an hour by plane from Kayseri to domestic tourists can reach the Erciyes Ski Center from the airport in minutes 20, emphasized that this is an important factor in favor of skiers Erciyes'i skiers .

- Erciyes alternative to the Alps

Last year, as a result of interviews with tour operators, this trip was organized for Erciyes weekly trip schedules, Cıngı said, yapt A tour package was created for the triangle of Kayseri, Erciyes and Cappadocia. Every week around 100 foreign tourists came from the Netherlands and Belgium. At the end of the season, approximately one thousand tourists visited Erciyes. The increase of foreign interest in Erciyes is very important for us. Because Erciyes now moved from the local globale. We are trying to present Erciyes as an alternative to the Alps, Switzerland, Austria and France line Alp.

- Ski teams races in Erciyes

Due to the snow shortage in ski resorts, the skiing Federation had to postpone many races in the calendar and some of the teams made the first races in Erciyes, Cıngı said, birçok The teams even did their training in Erciyes. We were able to keep the runways open all the time with our snowing units. This attracted both skiers and professional teams to Erciyes. It was very effective in terms of presentation of Kayseri and Erciyes Kayseri.

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