US investments that reduce energy costs will also attract

US investments that reduce energy costs will also attract it: ICCI 2014 - 20. Speaking at the International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference, the head of the International Energy Agency Chief Economist Fatih Birol said the roles in the energy world began to change.
Birol, because of the cost-cutting effect of rock gas, the United States will become a favorite in terms of both energy and investments, he said.
20 held in Istanbul. Fatih Birol, the Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency, who gave a speech at the International Energy and Environment Fair, took the world energy market under the spotlight and explained how it will be shaped in the light of recent developments.
Devlet The roles of actors in the world energy cinema are changing, konu said Fatih Birol, who said that the most important development in this regard came from the United States. Birol pointed out the US studies on shale gas and said, kon USA alone; Qatar will produce as much natural gas as Iraq and Kuwait produce. Due to the increased oil production along with the gas, it will soon cross Saudi Arabia and become the world's 1 oil producer. Gaz
Birol, said: ”In addition to these developments; In the US, the Obama government will also use less energy and greener vehicles. Therefore, a serious energy efficiency is also on the agenda here. Dolayısıyla
US investment attractiveness increases
Fatih Birol stated that all these developments will reduce energy costs in the United States to an unparalleled degree compared to the European Union and Japan. De For this reason, especially for heavy industry, investments in heavy industry will shift to the US. Even today, many heavy industry investments in Europe are turning to the US because of the increasing attraction in energy prices. In the coming period, the competition in industrial investments seems to be growing. Ön
Energy will be expensive in Europe and Japan
When looking at the energy balance in the upcoming period, Birol believes that the USA, China and India will be the leading countries due to the cost advantage. kazanHe said that European countries and Japan will experience difficulties due to rising prices.
Sad news for renewable energies
Referring to the global investments in renewable energy, Fatih Birol said, UM I have a sad news for renewable energizers. Erj In 2013, 10 said that for the first time in years, energy investments in this direction did not increase. . In particular, Western European countries are encouraging investment in renewable energy through subsidies of up to 100 billion dollars. However, this situation began to change. Due to financial crises and rising costs, countries began to cut subsidies. The fact that fossil fuels become more attractive in financial terms causes investments in this area to slow down Fos.

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