Ener Chairman Aksu: Fast Train to Erzurum

📩 30/11/2018 12:15

Chairman of the Ener Aksu: Erzurum Fast Train Fast Arrive Rey OK Sequence Rayda.Erzurum Center of Thought and Strategy (ENER) Chairman Vahdet Nafiz Aksu, EN Mayors and MPs, the 'public energy' stored in the election should be directed to large projects. With the projects we have explained before, one of the issues that need to be emphasized is the birlikte Fast Train eler project.

Aksu, Erzurum Center of Information Center, Global Winter Tourism Center, Thermal Health Center, expressing their importance, said:

“We believe in the necessity of establishing Health Organized Industrial Zone and Animal Husbandry Organized Industrial Zone rapidly. We are of the opinion that important investments can be realized through public-private partnership method. We appreciate the privatization work in Palandöken and Konaklı. Mayors and MPs should direct the 'public energy' they have stored in the election to big projects. One of the issues that need to be addressed without spending time is the 'High Speed ​​Train' project. We congratulate our fellow citizens who have been elected as Mayor, General Assembly Member and Muhtar after an intense and tiring election work and wish them success. Democracy is the regime in which election races are held civilized, and those who cannot be elected are as important, valuable and necessary for the city as the elected ones.

We would like to express our gratitude to all candidates for their city, who prepared projects, poured sweat but could not be selected. We are expecting a big mobilization of municipalities from the mayors who won the election. Although there is a local political and administrative structure, the interest and support of the central government for a successful municipality is very important. This requires local governments to deliver the problems they face to the central government quickly and effectively. This is where the Party provincial administrations and deputies with great duty and responsibility falls. The contribution of the deputies to the financial support of the major projects of the Mayors is accepted in the central politics and the upper bureaucracy.

We want to make sure that all of the deputies of Erzurum are friendly and supportive of the Mayors. Mayors should also be able to share their problems with all of the deputies. We are not likely to believe that any one of the acts that undermine unity and integrity, such as the chairman, the chairman of the deputy, will be of political benefit. We expect all Presidents and MPs to direct the 'public energy' they have stored in the election to large projects. We do not think that the final point for the High Speed ​​Train Project to be extended to Erzincan will be Erzincan. The high-speed train infrastructure will end in Erzincan, and the part up to Erzurum will be the current run-down rails. Kö From Erzincan to Ankara, the Fast Train will arrive at the 3,5 time, and will arrive from Erzincan to Erzurum at the 5 time.

Such a table is, of course, not rational, viable, sustainable. Not conscientious, politically, economically. So what then? The speed train will come to Erzurum. The important thing is to arrive first, to arrive on time. The high-speed train should not come to Erzurum spoiled, we come fast. We have written many articles on this topic before us and other valuable columnists. MÜSİAD started and launched a sample campaign. Non-governmental organizations such as ETSO and ERVAK made necessary initiatives. Thank you. The achievement of these meaningful efforts depends on the intensification of political efforts. We expect our deputies to follow this issue before the Prime Minister. The ır come to Erzincan, the way to Erzurum ol approach slows the work.

Currently, there is no name for Erzurum in the High Speed ​​Train Project. It should be added with revised and our city should be added to the procurement processes. We underlined our previous projects and suggestions. If we want to make Erzurum a brand city, we must have brands. We cannot provide branding with an economic approach consisting of Service and Tourism Sector. We care about Erzurum's Information Center, Global Winter Tourism Center, Thermal Health Center. We rapidly consider the establishment of Organized Industrial Zone and Livestock Organized Industrial Zone in alphabetical order of city development. We are of the opinion that all this can be realized by the Public Private Sector Cooperation method. While the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality is completing the urban transformation rapidly, it is important for him to conclude the economic transformation of the city simultaneously.


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