Emission reduction is highest in countries' agendas

📩 24/11/2018 12:02

Emission reduction is the highest in countries' agendas: it is observed that countries that want to leave a clean and livable world to the next generations place the emission reduction at the top of their agendas.
Istanbul Carbon Summit, hosted by ITU, continues with great interest from both national and international scientists, private and public institutions. This year, the first speakers at the summit, carbon management, should take measures regarding carbon emissions of countries, important issues such as the carbon market in Turkey is taking over.
Angelika Smuda, who attended the summit representing the German Ministry of Environment, said that the organizations that reduce carbon emissions have increased significantly compared to previous years. Smuda said that despite the increase in prices, most organizations have made carbon emission reduction a priority target, u This is an increase since 2005. There is a considerable increase in the number of organizations that reduce carbon emissions especially in the year and after 2008. Residual emission reduction is among the priority targets of the countries. Artık
Renewable Energy Bakr attending the summit from the General Directorate Turan, stressing that the license requirement in the electricity market, "production of electric energy in Turkey, distribution, sales and even has licensing requirements in situations such as import and export. For the companies that cannot fulfill the license obligation due to some deficiencies, we are implementing the associate degree dolayı.
Associate in the application of the pre-construction of the obligation to be explained before expressing the obligations of Turan, those who completed the obligations, said they could go into operation phase.
- Great demand in energy
The demand for energy in Turkey, indicating that pretty much Turan, "Every day is increasing demand for energy. There is a lot of investment needed to meet this demand. Karşı
Ahmet Tohma, Head of Project Financing at Garanti Bank, talked about the technical shortcomings frequently encountered in projects related to energy. Emphasizing that they encounter measurement deficiencies especially in wind projects, Tohma emphasized that energy production is calculated against nature, lar Usually we are experiencing technical problems such as measurement deficiencies. However, when we compare according to the old years, we see that these problems gradually decrease. I hope that in the years to come, these problems will be completely eliminated. Um
Some of these problems are, on the issue of the lack of investors in the market caused investors who will carry out the project noted that Tohme, said that Turkey in this sense, financing needs were born, she said:
Uz As Garanti Bank, we are financing eco-friendly projects. We especially love solar and wind energy investments because they are environmentally friendly. We believe that if the necessary legislation for completion of these projects are easily financed in Turkey. "


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