Obligation of helmets on electric bicycles

Obligation of helmets on electric bicycles: Denizli Police Department, electric bicycle wearers are obliged to wear helmets, drivers who do not comply 80 liras said that an administrative fine.
The Provincial Security Directorate reminded that, with the amendment made in the Official Traffic Newspaper dated 19 February, which was made in the Highways Traffic Regulation, the protective cap and goggles, which are mandatory for motor bikes and motorcycles, have also started to be applied on electric bicycles. In the statement, which stated that the drivers who do not comply with the rule will be subject to an administrative fine of 80 lira in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law, the following are noted:
“Due to the increase in the number of motorcycles and electric bicycles coming into traffic with the warming of the weather and the coming of the summer season, especially the electric bicycle riders who do not have the registration obligation do not use the protection helmet (helmet) and goggles, they do not comply with the traffic rules, they often violate the red light, the pedestrian safety on the sidewalks. Disturbances and complaints are observed among our citizens as they use the vehicle in a way to endanger them. For this reason, the protective helmet (helmet) for drivers, because traffic rules apply to all road users, especially electric bicycles and their drivers are subject to the same rules, and with the amendment of the regulation, electric bicycle drivers are also required to wear a helmet (helmet). Information and awareness-raising activities will be emphasized in order to increase the awareness that wearing is vital as well as being a legal imperative, and necessary legal sanctions will be applied in relation to rule violations and deficiencies detected in traffic inspections. ”

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