Elazığda Train Wreck 2 seriously injured

Train Accident in Elazig 2 seriously injured: 2 people were seriously injured in the Tren crash on Elazig bridge, and two women fleeing the city water that exploded on the Kazım Karabekir street were under the train.

Two people were seriously injured in the accident.

Kazım Karabekir Caddesi east of the garage in the hour around the city network water line due to the explosion occurred in the waters of the 20.00 waters. While the trees were toppling with the pressure of the water, two women from the pedestrians crossing the crossroads of the pedestrians crossed teren to cross the road. Meanwhile, Tatvan Elazığ expedition to the DE 24 103 number one freight train hit the train of women who did not notice.

With the crash of the train Pakize Alpaslan (54) fell down the bridge, while Saliha Tuncel was under the train. After the first intervention of the citizens of the 112 teams from the bridge to the scene with the news of the intervention made Pakize Alpaslan Elazığ education and research hospital removed, while under the train Saliha Tuncel 112 teams removed from the train as a result of long efforts and then sent to Elazığ education and research hospital after the first intervention. It was learned that both women were in severe condition.

As a result of the explosion of the city water supply to the ground while excavation Karabekir Caddesi witness Murtaza Çiftçioğlu said, Karab Suddenly the water spurted flood. First he toppled the pole then rolled the tree. Önce

Kazım Karabekir Street under the bridge under the bridge in the water waiting for the flooding of the woman Engin Yoğurtçu bridge over the bridge fell from a woman in front of him, said: kö The event took the horn. Someone fell down after the hit someone was under the train. One of them is already in front of my car. There are two wounded. I don't know what happened under the train, and I think the situation below was good. Tren

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