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📩 24/11/2018 12:27

E-Kent from Bulgaria Extraction: E-Kent, which provides high-tech products for modern urbanism, has attracted a great deal of attention with its presentation about the solutions offered by end-to-end in public transportation at the conference organized by ICT Clusters, sponsored by Bulgarian Ministry of Transport.
Public transport in Turkey's leading provider of electronic toll collection area E-Kent, success stories and solutions continues to move into the international arena. In the previous months, E-Kent was attracted great attention with the electronic ticketing and wage payment counties it exhibited at the fairs, and was invited to speak at an international conference in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. E-Kent Business Development Director Artun Kumrulu'nun received a great interest in the presentation.
Bulgarian Transport, Information Technologies and Communications Ministry and the Bulgarian Information and organized by the Communication Association "Black Sea Growth in Regional Cooperation in Information and Communication Technology Association for Prosperity and Competitiveness" conference, the European Union Representatives of the Black Sea Economic Forum Representatives, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Sector representatives from Serbia, Romania and Georgia participated. E-Kent, Director of Business Development Artur's Kumrulu "Information and Communication Technologies for Intelligent Transport Systems" panel, E-Kent from end to end as applied in Turkey told smart city solutions and examples of system models.
bridging products to its citizens and municipalities E-Kent, Turkey's major cities, rail systems, municipal and private buses as vehicles with parking and with electronic toll collection solutions offered in public areas such as Culture explaining that make life easier Kumrulu, the words continued as follows he:
Gel Nowadays, public transport has become an important need to eat or even breathe. Our goal is to go from place to place all day no matter what we go by using various instruments of transportation. We demonstrate this fast and dynamic growth in the sector as E-Kent, payment systems, we operate in infrastructure development and system management.
In the 21 municipalities providing services to 15 million people, we are taking a billion transactions annually signature. of payment systems in modern transport, industry and government to gain new revenue opportunities and to ensure the development of transport infrastructure, we believe that it should be integrated with smart city solutions.


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