Dumankaya Construction will be opened to neighboring cities by high speed train project

Dumankaya Construction will be opened to the surrounding cities with its high-speed train project: Dumankaya, which has been focused on the Anatolian side of Istanbul until today, will be opened to the surrounding cities with its high-speed train project. Uğur Dumankaya, the increase in sales to the dollar increased foreigner, he said.

Turkey's leading construction companies took the Dumankaya radar environment from Istanbul. To date, the company that develops a project in Istanbul will approach the routes such as Afyon, Kütahya and Edirne, which will be brought closer to the fast train.

Concentrate on low segment

Uğur Dumankaya, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that they have taken this decision by decreasing the transportation time and half of the transportation time. We also have studies and researches to position our projects in the lower segment. Such projects are our company's 3 annual plans
he is among the arasında.

FED's decision did not affect us

Following the FED's decision to narrow monetary expansion, the Fed did not affect the volatility of branded housing companies. Dumankaya said, “On the contrary, foreign purchases increased due to the increase in the dollar. We made the 30 of our sales to foreigners during this period. After the local elections, our expectation is a decrease in interest rates and the percentage of our sales in the summer period is 40-45 ım.

We're shaking hands with the stranger

Dumankaya, financial instruments in the future, using the very best, by sharing the resources in the hands of the companies that act with the synergy will increase the success rates, he said. Dumankaya said that they were planning to move forward with different partnerships in different projects. The first signature in this direction will be taken recently with a foreign partner. In the following process, a project partnership will be held with local investors.

Selections must be merged

Dumankaya said that the election periods had locked the economy, and that the general elections would be held at the same time as the presidential elections would eliminate the uncertainty. Dumankaya said, as The combination of two choices is more a matter of business. Turkey always wins. The atmosphere of the election is exited and our economy takes its place among the emerging economies. Consolidation of elections also allows for the elimination of polarization and tensions in politics. We enter 2015 much more favorably. 2014 also overcome obstacles to Turkey's pre-Herzegovina in August, I see a very bright. "


Uğur Dumankaya stated that the balances in the economy became sensitive and said: Dum The election results showed that the Turkish nation preferred stability. I hope that the government will dissolve the tense and gloomy weather ahead of the election for the demand of citizens who vote for stability. We must look ahead. Some sectors have serious stops. Foreign capital should not be frightened to integrate with the world. Local capital should be supported by the state in strategic sectors and places. Stratejik

looking out for opportunities outside of Turkey

Dumankaya holding itself and new to Turkey's entry into an intensive effort to prepare for the new economy. The company now aims not only in the overseas investment in Turkey. Uğur Dumankaya, Turkish companies have the chance to integrate with the world is very high, he said.

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