Statement from DSİ on Rahmanlar Bridge

📩 24/11/2018 12:27

Statement by DSI on Rahmanlar Bridge: A statement was made by DSI 2nd Regional Directorate regarding the news that was published in some local newspapers in Ödemiş with the heading "Producer wants expropriation first in Rahmanlar Dam".
18 April 2014 in the Aegean region of the news published in the news about the news in a wide range of news, collapsed bridge and gave information about the expropriation issues. Photos of the transition to the bridge were provided instead of the collapsed bridge.
In a statement, gisi 18.04.2014 newspaper news has been examined and the transition structure of the Rahmanlar Dam lake area, the construction of the construction activities to be carried out in the lake area in accordance with the technique, ground properties in the knowledge of our administration to work with the contractor machines are done.
It was seen that the structure in question started to lie side by side with the floor during machine activities and it was needed to remove it in order to create a risk for occupational safety and not to give a sad event.
Expropriation activities are carried out rapidly by the administration and information is given to our citizens at every stage. The transition grievance, which is not included in the road network but is already used by the producers, is also solved by machine work in the first place. However, it is not possible to use this transition in the progressive construction activities and the citizens should use the alternative route they can reach from within the village.
In addition, expropriation activities of this region continue. In the coming days, the reconciliation commission negotiations will be completed and the expropriation costs will be deposited and the region will be evacuated and this area will be evacuated. In addition, the transition 1 again opened to traffic after the day. The road only provides access to the field roads Yol

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