Doğuş Oto Atölye-D Making a Difference (Photo Gallery)

Doğuş Oto Atölye-D Makes a Difference: The Işık University Continuous Education Center trainers train Doğuş Oto's blue-collar employees through the 'Workshop d Changemakers' program until the end of the year to provide self-confidence, motivation, smiling face, differentiation in service and vision building.
Işık University has prepared a modular development program in cooperation with Doğuş Oto. The 656 employee, who works as a formen, technician, technician assistant, warranty and dispatcher at Doğuş Oto, is trained by Işık University Continuing Education Center trainers to ensure sustainable success and support their development. The trainings, which started in March, will continue until the end of the year with the participation of employees from all regions of Doğuş Oto.
In the program, which consists of 3 main modules: 'Yesterday and Today in the Automotive Sector - Brands in the Eyes of the Consumer', 'Individual Motivation - Self Confidence and Friendly Service' and 'The importance and effects of technicianry-Future vision in technology', the education of each group in its own region and 3 separate It takes place in half-day trainings. At the end of the program, participants will have 'Işık University Program Participation Certificate.
Purpose of Education;
Blue collar employees make themselves feel valued
Emphasizing the business similarities of engineers and service workers in automobile production
Creating vision about automobile manufacturing engineering
To have knowledge about Turkish automotive sector and trends
To provide psychological development
To create a future vision about general automotive technologies
Discuss ways of differentiation in service
We will continue to make a difference
Doğuş Otomotiv and Doğuş Oto Chairman of the Board of Directors Aclan Acar stated that the age of learning is not the same as in the end; “We will continue to be a learning organization. All our efforts are to support both personal and professional development of our employees through trainings and to continue to make a difference as a result. To provide creativity on the needs and expectations of our customers, to understand at that moment what the customer needs is iyi We will continue our work with the understanding of ım How do we make it better, how we make a difference ım in relation to our work we do every day imiz.
They learn to do empathy by working in the workshop all day
Doğuş Oto General Manager Zafer Başar said that providing creative service beyond expectations can be realized with empathy. Kur We need to love our company, our working environment and our friends so that we can build empathy and think like a customer. From morning to evening, people working in the workshop will know the competition and the customer. They will start to think that the work they have done is not only technical maintenance, but also to facilitate the lives of our customers who will use the vehicle and how quickly they can repair the vehicle they have maintained, and they will be able to train their planned work. Yap
They will consider making a positive contribution to the daily life of the customer
Doğuş Otomotiv Human Resources and Process Management Director Ela Kulunyar said that every added value they provide to the employees brings a big difference to the service quality. I A very large part of this service is done by our friends who will participate in the training. This important difference is creating this team. We aimed to increase the awareness of what our employees do in the course of their life, their daily performances and their efforts, and what they have changed in the lives of our customers and how our company affects their business results. Biz



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