Rail vehicles are now under the guarantee of TSE

📩 30/11/2018 12:27

Railway vehicles are now under TSE guarantee: The final stage has been reached in the Fire and Acoustics Laboratory that the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) will establish in Tuzla. In this laboratory, which will soon be operational, fire and acoustic test inspection will be carried out on railway vehicles.

In the statement made by TSE, it was stated that the standard "EN 45545", which is a harmonized standard in terms of fire safety in rail systems, refers to the TS EN ISO 13501-1-2, which is the fire safety standard in building materials and which is the basic standard in the new laboratory to be established. It was emphasized in the statement that some of the experiments that can be done about the railroad can be carried out in a short time by the majority of the common test methods, and the remaining part is within the scope and it will be reached as soon as possible.

TSE Marmara Regional Coordinator Mehmet Hüsrev, whose comments were included in the statement, stated that they have reached the final stage in the Fire and Acoustics Laboratory they will establish in Tuzla and will be operational soon.

Pointing out that TSE has prepared the application methods in this matter and that the fire and acoustic tests and examinations in the railway vehicles can now be carried out in laboratories, Hüsrev said, “As TSE, we can say that we are ambitious in this area. These services are taken from abroad, since sufficient laboratory services cannot be provided especially in the field of testing and inspection in our country. Turkey's national provider of TSE testing and inspection services in our country as we aim to be widespread. Our work continues in this direction. ”

Emphasizing that they will organize a national workshop in line with the directives of Science, Technology and Industry Minister Fikri Işık, Hüsrev said:

“The 1st National Test and Inspection Workshop will be held in May, where the necessary conditions for testing and inspection services to be carried out in our country will be created and the problems and solution suggestions of our relevant institutions will be discussed. On this occasion, our dependence on abroad will decrease to the minimum, which will contribute to the national economy. As TSE, our priority is human health and safety, and we do all our work in this direction. Our railway vehicles will now be under TSE guarantee. ”

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