A solution to the traffic problem of Istanbul from the tiny captain

Little captain of Istanbul's traffic problem: Istanbullines, one of the leading companies in the maritime transport industry, 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day met with small guests. Istanbullines' s Eskihisar Topçular line ferries to enjoy the sea voyage to the fullest of the little ones, one of the colorful activities of one of the minutes experienced fun.
Istanbullines, which started its operations in Eskihisar-Tavşanlı line in July 2013 and carrying over 250 million passengers by car over 1,5 bin, has met with its small guests on 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day. On the Children's Day, the little ones enjoyed the sea voyage and enjoyed a comfortable trip and enjoyed the holiday.
İstanbullines, which aims to introduce the culture of sea and travel to the little ones on National Sovereignty and Children's Day and give them a holiday gift, provided the children to experience the sea voyage experience in the Eskihisar-Tavşanlı line and have a day that they cannot forget. İstanbullines also celebrated 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day with its voice announcing system.
Istanbullines, Gebze, Altinova and Ciftlikkoy Provincial Directorate of Education in cooperation with the Eskihisar Topçular ships on the event; Students and parents attended the schools in Gebze and Yalova. Istanbullines, the event; Ayse Sıdıka Alışan Primary School, Gebze, Cumhuriyet Primary School, 50. Year Chrysler Primary School, Yalova'dan 75. Year Namık Kemal Secondary School, Taşköprü Secondary School, Kılıç Primary and Secondary School 40'un students and 39 a parent, including a total of 79 people were hosted on the ferry.
Children visiting the ship also took photographs in the section where the carton model of Kaptan-ı Derya Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha, the greatest naval commander of the Ottoman Empire, took place. The fun of the minors who spend a minute in the mansion, wearing a captain's hat and sat on the seat. Children enjoying the sea journey to the fullest, did not forget to take a souvenir photo.
Ayşe Sıdıka Alışan Elementary School students Arda Elibol, who sat in the captain, shared his thoughts about sea transportation as a captain. Seaway small enough to captain pointed out that the use of transport in Turkey, one of the ways to solve the problem of traffic in Istanbul is one of the main problems, he said, as did İstanbullines the maritime transport more effective and widespread use of late.
Truck and TIR traffic by using the Marmara Sea is possible to effectively reduce the small captain, so that the traffic problem will be solved, the road crash rate will be reduced, emphasizing, "also the drivers can use the sea, can relax, fatigue will not," he said.
The students who travel by passing a pleasant, entertaining time on the Eskihisar-Tavşanlı line of Istanbullines were given a gift puzzle book called dakik Pleasure Ship erek at the end of the voyage. 10 Thousand and 1000 pieces of amusement ship book were sent to all children and drivers coming to Eskihisar port in April at 23 free of charge during the day.

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