Collapsing high-speed train tunnels gave 86 hourly nightmares

The collapsing high-speed train tunnel gave the workers an hour-long nightmare in 86: the high-speed train tunnel in Hunchun, Jilin Province, northeast of China, was demolished and workers under the rubble told 86 hours of horror.

Im The first two days we were stuck in the tunnel, no one was talking to each other. Because we were so scared. On the first night of the migration, the stones continued to fall, we all only heard these voices, Göç he said. When the incident occurred before the workers who were scared, began to shut down and be hungry hours. Li Yan said that he courageously went to the end of the tunnel and filled the water dripping from the rocks as a cap and filled it with a hard hat. She told everyone she was going to fill the helmet after giving a sip of water.

Another rescued worker, Liu Defu, said, g Everyone was nervous and could not keep up. We couldn't live without water, so we were encouraging each other to drink water to survive. Su Stating that some of them are hungry, Liu said that they eat garbage from electrical cables and cardboard boxes.

After long hours, the rescue team contacted workers on Friday. There was a hole in the destroyed tunnel and all workers were rescued on Sunday. Li Yan said that 86 had encouraged each other not to lose their beliefs during the hour, and kept their morale high.




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