CITA Meeting hosted by TÜVTÜRK in Istanbul

The CITA Meeting was hosted by TÜVTÜRK in Istanbul. The annual meeting of the International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA) Advisory Group for the European Region was held in Istanbul this year by TÜVTÜRK. The meeting exchanged views on the development of quality and education systems for vehicle inspection institutions in the member countries
The examination of the International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA) carried out with the participation of managers, bureaucrats and officials of the Turkish Accreditation Agency from Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, UK, Spain, Ireland, Serbia and Lithuania. The annual meeting was hosted by TÜVTÜRK in Istanbul on April 15-16.
CITA members visited the TÜVTÜRK Academy, Şile and Tuzla Vehicle Inspection Stations and examined the administrative and operational activities of TÜVTÜRK, which is shown as one of the best practices on the international axis. . Turkey Coaches for recruitment and periodic training of employees in providing services in the general vehicle inspection stations in TÜVTÜRK Academy also conducted joint training exercises with sectoral stakeholders.
Emre Büyükkalfa: dün TÜVTÜRK is an example in the whole world Em
Emre Büyükkalfa, TÜVTÜRK Corporate Development Director who has been working as Technical Expert for 3 for more than 4 years in CITA's Working Group on quality and education, stated that TUVTURK's quality and education standards are shown as examples in many countries. Büyükkalfa konu In our country, we are also subject to the opinion of TÜVTÜRK in the preparation of universal standards in our preparation, in other words, to have a say in the development of international legislation to increase our reputation in the name of our institution and our country, Büyük he said. . As TÜVTÜRK, we will continue to add value to our country and our global stakeholders by adding confidence. Büyük
TÜVTÜRK Member since 2009
CITE, improvements to the protection of road safety and the environment, but also the essential tool aimed to implement the most successful applications in the inspection, non-profit, international organization with approximately 50 members from 110 countries, including Turkey. Established in 1958, the CITA is recognized by the European Commission and the European Commission for EU mandate for its competence in mandatory vehicle inspection. TÜVTÜRK ları Standardized Inspection Results: Harmonized, Improved Standards; Education; Quality alıy is included in the study group.

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