Triplet problem in Marmaray!

Triplet problem in Marmaray: As you will remember, I reflected the problem of crossing the two important stations of Marmaray, Yenikapı and Kazlıçeşme, with striking frames ... There is no passage or signalization in front of Yenikapı Station, passengers who want to reach the station are buzzing. I showed that he was caught between the passing vehicles. I mentioned that there was an uproar at the entrance at the back of Kazlıçeşme Station, and pedestrians were at risk due to the minibuses that turned the pedestrian crossing into a stop.

It turns out that the problem in Kazlıçeşme was not limited to this. There was no traffic regulation at the main entrance of the station, namely on the Demirhane Street side. Look, the photo above clearly explains what I mean ...


Passengers are trying to cross the road by juggling among the rapidly advancing vehicles… It is only a matter of time before a catastrophic accident occurs and there is a loss of life… It is unbelievable but one of the busiest stations of the Marmaray, which connects the two continents under the Bosphorus, the citizens are across the street. no measures have been taken to ensure that the

It's not over… And the empty fields around the station turn into a horror movie plateau in the evenings. Those who want to get off the bus on the street and pass to Marmaray have to pass through this desolate area, but because there is no lighting, it takes courage to pass here. Especially for female passengers, using this station in the evening is very, very scary. Marmaray's two stations on the European Side are so problematic. What about the situation on the Anatolian side? If I told you that there is a problem of crossing at Üsküdar Station as well! Yes… There is neither a light nor a passage opposite Üsküdar Station. Citizen is entrusted to Allah. Here too, a terrible accident is screaming. Long story short, measures need to be taken urgently in front of Marmaray Stations. Before it's too late…

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 12:00

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  1. WHAT do you think is the result from this news?
    Backwardness, just asphalt, concrete, pouring all over the road, taraf can not be removed by doing. It's not that easy. If it were, we were currently one of the top three in the world rankings Ş
    Creativity, to think, to plan, to apply, to organize and coordinate them in a timely manner to finish them all lay Here is the ingenuity = to be advanced!
    We get angry when we say mı Oriental mentality uz, AMA ”Do you need another comment?