The Frightening Crack in Çanakkale Viaduct (Photo Gallery)

The Frightening Crack in the Çanakkale Viaduct: The crack formed on the 18 meter long bridges of Çanakkale Viaduct, which passes in front of the Erenköy Town on the 202th kilometer of the Çanakkale-İzmir Highway, created panic. ÇOMÜ Faculty of Engineering, Department of Geological Engineering, professor, who examined the viaduct and the crack on the road. Doğan Perinçek drew attention to the importance of the danger and said that an alternative way should be made as soon as possible.
After the rain in 2012 in 2013 winter, the name of the landslides and then the name of the former Erenköy Beldesi connection road crashes were seen. Due to the collapse of the Çanakkale Viaduct, which is closed to traffic from time to time, faces a new danger. Due to the landslides at the base of the bridge viaduct, 50 centimeters long and 5 centimeters wide cracked on the asphalt road. Canakkale-Izmir highway, thousands of vehicles every day through the transition in the viaduct ÇOMÜ Faculty of Engineering Department of Geological Engineering Faculty Member Prof.Dr. Doğan Perinçek, the crack in the road reported that dangerous.
The landslides have caused warnings that the viaduct may be dangerous for a long time. Dr. Perinçek said:
“We watched the landslide last year on the bottom right of the viaduct. There are also some developments there. Although our warnings continued and our discourses were covered in the press, there has been no return until today. Nobody asks for an idea. This is actually a sting. Today, a crack has occurred on the road that a hand can enter. This shows that there is a continuous movement. That movement will continue, it will not be interrupted. If the rains continue, the movement will accelerate. Perhaps we will soon have to disable this viaduct. ”
At the moment there is nothing left to do the viaduct Prof. Dr. Dr. Perinçek continued:
“Last year, we suggested piling down the bottom. Nobody considered it. The only thing to do right now is to make an alternative way. It may also be the old Erenköy connection road. The viaduct is likely to be damaged in some way. If the rains increase and if an earthquake occurs, this sitting and harming will accelerate. I have said before that even if the danger is 5 percent, we have to take this into consideration. This crack indicates that the danger is greater. I hope this crack awakens some people and decides to do some things. There is nothing left to do for the viaduct. At least we need to start thinking about alternatives so that the road is not blocked. Doesn't the highways still see the deformation, water accumulation and this crack here? I wouldn't have ignored this much. ”



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