Çampınar Quarter Bridge Works Started

Çampınar Neighborhood Bridge Works Started: Since the establishment of Çampınar District of Selendi District of Manisa, work has started on the bridge, which has not been built for years, on the Selendi Stream, which divides the neighborhood into two. The bridge, which will cost 50 thousand TL, will bring Çampınar and Dere Neighborhoods together.
AK Party Selendi District Chairman Muharrem Sezer, who examined the drilling works of the Bridge to be built on the Selendi stream, which separates Çampınar Neighborhood and Dere district with a population of 400, said, “We have started our work to build a bridge on the tea bed that separates relatives and people for years. . We will endeavor to serve by standing behind what we promise with a constructive attitude. Building a bridge means to increase our people's affections with each other and to save time and time ”.
Sezer said, “During the election process, various speculations were made for us, for this bridge, in the meeting areas. In order to confuse the citizens in the election atmosphere and to make voting profiteering, they said that they painted the place where the bridge piers would sit with 1 kilogram of lime and went to the teams that came to the AK Party to determine and examine the location of the bridge by the officials of the special provincial administration at that time. We did not do politics over this bridge, our aim is to serve our citizens and we have done the necessary work. Now we are followers of these studies. The cost of the bridge to be built here is approximately 50 thousand TL, and the project is prepared by the Sunko project firm. With the completion of our project, which is at the stage of preparation, it will be presented by the AK Party Council members at the meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council and a proposal will be given for its implementation. We look at actions, not empty words. Our motto is to serve the people as the great master said. Therefore, we keep serving the public first. We look at action, not Lafa, ”he said.

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