Cableway to Historic Hasankeyf Castle

Historic Hasankeyf Castle Cable Car to Do: Batman's historic Hasankeyf district tourists to visit the historical places of the cable car and lift was reported to be made.

According to the Governor's Office, Governor Yilmaz Arslan, Garrison Commander Brigadier Uğur Özcan, Chief Public Prosecutor Muhammad Emre Ejder, Batman University Rector. Dr. Abdüsselam Uluçam, Hasankeyf District Governor Temel Ağca and Hasankeyf Mayor Abdülvahap Kusen made some observations in the touristic areas in order to develop the tourism potential of the historical district.

Governor Arslan and his retinue participated in the preliminary survey and route determination studies of the ropeway and elevator project aiming the opening of Hasankeyf Castle to visitors.

Arslan said that the projects that will be implemented will not disturb the aesthetics of the historical artifacts. .

Arslan said, acak The cruising area will be a place where tourists can meet their every need. Ars

Hasankeyf Castle, which has been closed for a long time due to safety of life, can be safely visited with the established ropeway lines.

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