Bursan's Cable Car, as well as the plane

Bursan's lifts, as well as the plane: the new cable car begins in May, but the bride will go further.

Since the beginning, the Mayor Recep Altepe was a project on which he meticulously bu

And now it is one of the longest cable cars in the world.

Health to everyone's labor.

Finally tried to work, no lodostu, card, winter, without the hassle, 12 will work actively during the month cable car.

All stations were destroyed.

It was made from scratch with poles.

The design of the 8 er personality booths is also very stylish.

One week 82 gondola will work.

The hotel is now in 22 minutes.

Calculate the added value that you will add to the city.

If the line will be extended to Gökdere along with a stop at the Setbaşı station, then it will bring the city to its mountain.

I think you know what's going on now?

Only 2. not the original 1. all regions of the development of the whole region of Uludağ connected to the Metropolitan. The path of your mind is one. It should be.

Now it's time to get rid of the barn culture.

Altepe, which embraces the whole city with its whole city, makes heaven here.

I believe in this Buna


On the day the start of the lips 'come on, my dear' perhaps many of the planes also use the helicopter. It doesn't happen with demagogy, torn shoe billboards.

Izmir flights are wise with the summer period.

I prefer the top of Bodrum, right to Cesme.

It was his way, he was an intermediary, and it was wise to get there by sea.

In one, Izmir prices will be exactly as announced.

Flights will be full again.

Both ropeway, seaplane, helicopter, BUDO flights have completed each other.

There is a Bursa Airlines left.

I think the big companies in Istanbul are still stuck in the Sabiha Gökçen factor, and the new highway will be between Bursa-Sabiha Gökçen and 50 minutes.

However, this city's own planes should somehow get up from their hangar.

In a nutshell, we should be able to bring the investor who is doing business with Bursa directly to this city without directing the industrialist. Of course, the business must be economical and profitable.

It goes from one place to another de

Fewer endeavors Ha

We look forward to this…