Bursa Logistics Center Becomes

Bursa Becomes Logistics Center: BTSO, which has undertaken the leadership of the 'Logistics Village' project that will integrate Bursa with ports, high-speed train and highway projects, has started the preparations for the 'Logistics Summit'.

Undertaking the leadership of the 'Logistics Village' project that will integrate Bursa with ports, high-speed train and highway projects, BTSO has started the preparations for the 'Logistics Summit'. The first important work of the Logistics Platform, which was created under the coordination of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the request of the Governorship of Bursa, will be the 'Logistics Summit' to be held and the 'master plan' to be prepared.

Stating that Bursa will be a logistics center, BTSO President İbrahim Burkay; “With the export target of 2023 billion dollars we set for 75, we have to establish the infrastructure that will manage a huge foreign trade volume of 145 billion dollars. BTSO's participation in the Great Anatolian Logistics Organization (BALO) project and its initiatives within the framework of the 2023 Bursa Strategy will determine the future regional and international role of our city in the way of becoming a logistics base ”.

Reminding that it was decided to establish a working group to be coordinated by BTSO in the meeting held with the participation of business organizations in Bursa Governorship in October last year for the 'Bursa Logistics Center' project known as the 'Logistics Village' in the public, Mayor Burkay said, “The Logistics Platform we established with our Governorship He made important decisions in order to accelerate the concrete steps related to the project in the meeting held in BTSO recently ”.

Going one step beyond the pre-feasibility report prepared with the contributions of BEBKA and BUSİAD, Burkay emphasized that a common will was put forward that will open the way for decision makers in specific points and that all Bursa has owned, and a wide range of masters from regional ports and railway connections to new industrial zones. announced that they will prepare a plan.

Underlining that one of the industry councils formed under the BTSO roof is the Logistics Council, İbrahim Burkay said, “Together with BEBKA, which takes an active role in the platform where our Council is also active, we started the preparations for the Logistics Summit, which we will organize with the contributions of SİAD and OSBs. In the process of establishing the Logistics Center, it is of great importance that all institutions in Bursa act with common wisdom and will in order to reach the result. As Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we will resolutely continue the work required to achieve this goal, which we undertake, with the right steps as soon as possible. In addition to our business organizations, our administrators and political representatives in public and local administrations will put forward the necessary will on behalf of Bursa ”.


Burkay, Turkey's incoming Bursa beginning of production centers which give direction to future sea-land and creating the foundation of a suitable logistic center integrated transport that uses a combination of railways, the taking future fiction into account the growth in target sectors also noted the need to shape accordingly.

Stating that they are working to eliminate the infrastructure deficiencies with the change and transformation initiated in both industry and trade, BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay said, “In the 10 countries with the highest foreign trade in the world, the weight is on maritime transportation. Unfortunately, in Bursa, which is an important sea city where the industry has developed so much, we rarely use sea transportation. Unfortunately, he noticed the Bursa sea a few years ago. With the important investments of the Metropolitan Municipality, we have made serious strides in passenger transportation. The determinant of civilization and development is transportation alternatives and quality. In this sense, we must establish our logistics center, which will work integrated with the ports, as soon as possible in order to bring our region to a higher commercial appeal.




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