Logistics Village Project to Improve Bursa Exports

Logistics Village Project to Improve Bursa Export: “Logistics Village Project” is being developed for more effective use of the seaway in exports from Bursa.
DHA answering questions Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, Bursa, at that very export is the second city by specifying in Turkey, "Exports 4 3 is done by road. However, it must be the opposite. The city has a sea connection but we cannot use it. We are developing a Logistics Village Project to overcome this. ”
“Whereas, in exports it should be the opposite. The city has a sea connection but we cannot use it. To overcome this, we created a working group under the coordination of BTSO, which includes the Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA). Feasibility studies are carried out on the Logistics Village Project. We make a master plan. Bursa also needs ports. All of these are among the needs of the business world. It is moving rapidly here at BTSO. We uncover the works that can be done here with the council structures. ”
Burkay, members of the work to increase the work potential, he said. In this context, Burkay expressed that they work for the increase of exports, highlighted that one of the most important of these fairs.
Expressing that Bursa should transition to innovation culture in order to develop, Burkay emphasized that the public should also have an important impact here. Saying that Bursa has the vision to realize this, Burkay said, “For example, a tram called 'İpekböücü' was built in Bursa. This project was done in another province in Turkey. The necessity to use the local rate in our laws at 15 percent will also contribute to the culture of innovation. We pass into the innovation economy only like this. ”

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