This is the nightmarish nightmare of cyclists.

The nightmarish nightmare of the cyclists was such that: IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality recently launched the 40 kilometer uninterrupted bicycle path project on the coastline.
In some points of the route from Mavişehir to İnciraltı, there were interruptions due to physical conditions. A new study was initiated and a special solution was developed for one of these points, Naldöken Viaduct. A steel construction platform was built on the bridge creating a danger for bicycle users. With the 200 meter-long and 3 meter-wide steel platform, the safety of the user is maximized. The platform was completely separated from vehicle traffic with blue-colored balustrades integrated into the bike and creating awareness. Road bike users have not been opened yet won the appreciation of the users.
Special asphalt applied
In addition, the platform built in the Naldöken Viaduct Karşıyaka 4 meter length and 83 meter height reinforced concrete retaining wall was also constructed using 3 thousand tons of filler material to connect to the direction. Asphalt on the retaining wall by the new road Karşıyakaconnected to the current bicycle path in. For the first time, the asphalt specially developed in the laboratories of the Metropolitan to increase the surface smoothness and comfort of the bicycle paths Karşıyakawas applied in.
Aytınyol also started
On the one hand, the teams that continue the works in Naldöken Viaduct will connect the bicycle road that will continue along Altınyol to the Turan Transfer Station and Bayraklı started to work to reach the beach. ?
WHAT did they say?
Stating that he uses the bicycle as a hobby and a means of transportation, Hakan Kandeğdi said, hem I am actively using bicycles. I would like to thank Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu for not giving way to the bicycle path. Bisiklet 4 months ago moved to Germany from the bicycle technician from Aksu, Turkey Sinan, "I am happy because the projects carried out in Izmir cyclists in mind. He said bicycle use would increase and bicycle use would increase.



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