Happy Birthday Week with Nostalgic Tram in Beyoğlu

Happy Birthday Week Event with Nostalgic Tram in Beyoğlu: Due to Nostalgic Tram in Beyoğlu, due to Kutlu Birth Week Brochures and roses about Muhammad's life were distributed. Tourists also showed great interest in the event.

Beyoğlu Mufti's Office held a series of events in Taksim due to the Happy Birthday Week. Beyoğlu Mufti Deputy Yakup Kavalak and his retinue, Taksim Nostalgic Tram to citizens over the Hz. He handed out written leaflets and roses about the life of Muhammad in Turkish and English. Tourists taking pictures of the rose, showed great interest in the event. In the event, hymns were read from Taksim Square to 2 to Tunel.

Nostalgic Tram over the citizens who distribute roses Beyoglu Mufti Deputy Jacob Yakal Kavalak, Hz. . This week is the happy birthday of our beloved prophet,. He said. 14-20 is celebrated as a happy birthday week in April. The aim is to bring a message of our beloved prophet to all segments of society. We carry out various activities in order to process the theme of işle religion is sincerity bulunuy of our Presidency of Religious Affairs. Istiklal Street is a great opportunity, we evaluate it. In the heart of our people we have brochures in foreign languages ​​and it will be a pleasure for us to convey a message of our beloved prophet. We want to do this. Bunu

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