Beykoza comes from the cable car with the view of the Bosphorus

Beykoza is a view of the Bosphorus from the cable car: Sultaniye-Karlıtepe and Hz. There will be a cable car line between Yuşa Hill. Unique throat view at 190 meter height, airborne airborne 2.5 mileage

The first ropeway lines of the Anatolian Side are established in Beykoz. With the work planned as transportation and tourism investment, Beykoz will attract tourism and social vitality in other districts while interest in the district's promenade and visit areas increases. Beykoz Meadow-Hz. Yuşa Hill, a station between the line to be established at the entrance to the historical Beykoz Meadow, Yalıköy closed market place and underground parking will be located next to. Domestic and foreign tourists coming to this point are the most visitors to Istanbul. It will reach Yuşa Hill by watching the unique Bosphorus view. With the realization of the project, the interest of the historical Beykoz Meadow and Joshua Hill will be increased and the citizens will be able to reach the hills from the coast. Beykoz Meadow and Hz. The total length of the ropeway line between Joshua Hill and 2.5 will reach 190 and XNUMX meters.

Within the scope of the Karlıtepe C Type Recreation Area project, which is among the important tourism investments in the district, a cable car line will operate to provide access from the coast to the region. With the opening of this line, which will be called Sultaniye-Karlıtepe, visitors will be able to reach the Karlıtepe Recreation Area, which will have the most beautiful view of the Bosphorus and the city, and will be equipped with picnic and sports areas, with a 2-kilometer tour. to the county kazanIt is planned to integrate the cable car lines to be built with the metro investment.

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