President Orhandan Strict Follow-up on Public Investments (Photo Gallery)

President Orhandan Public Investments Strictly Followed: Aziziye Mayor Muhammed Cevdet Orhan followed the public investments in his district. Logistics Village in Erzurum, which is a great struggle for the construction of the project in the period of the Presidency of MUSIAD Aziziye Municipal Assembly Member Dr. Hussein Bakr who can not continue with the construction of Logistics Village Chairman Orhan observations in the construction field, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Business Director Yunus received information from the contractor company officials Yeşilyurt construction related. Mayor Yeşilyurt and the company officials want support for the second phase of the project, Orhan, General Directorate of TCDD and the central government will do initiatives, he said.

Mr. Orhan stated that public investments were included in the election campaign by monitoring public investments and adding new public investments to the district.

Logistic village, not only Aziziye and Erzurum, but also the regional economy will provide the revival of President Orhan said, inin The logistic village, which will contribute to the development of trade, will accelerate regional development. Faster, safer and lower cost transport will increase the volume of trade and export. In this context, the most important projects that we care about are the logistic villages, employment areas and the added value that will be offered to our city. While the first stage is in full swing, the second stage of the General Directorate of State Railways and the government to get started as soon as possible will attempt to intervene. Sür He said.

Stating that Erzurum will be the economic bridge of the region with the Turkic Republics and neighboring countries, President Orhan stated that the investors of Erzurum and the region will open more easily abroad in the logistics sector. Chairman Orhan Erzurum in Turkey with logistics village reminiscent 12 made, "Logistics village, is of great importance for our region. When this project, which will make Erzurum an economic bridge, is completed, its gains will be more clearly revealed. It will offer a significant added value to the economy of the city and will create new business areas and will enable our city to acquire new investments. Considering the unemployment dimension in our region, investments such as logistic villages will be a great gain for our province and our district işsizlik.

The construction of the logistic village, which cost 34 million pounds and has completed 57, is planned to be completed in November next year. The logistics centers, which are seen as the heart of modern freight transport and which develops combined transportation integrated with other transportation systems, are being constructed in parallel with modern, technological and economic developments. Within the scope of the Erzurum Logistic Village Project, which is being built on an area of ​​360 thousand square meters, many units related to the railway network will be built with the city maintenance workshop, administrative and social facilities, observation tower, loading and unloading areas. With the completion of the investment in question, the amount of 150 thousand tons transport will reach 350 thousand tons in one year. Logistics, iron, flour, containers, ceramics, foodstuff, feed and military transport will be done together.



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