Mayor Altepe Gives Good News for Uludağ Cable Car Line

The cable car services to the ones going to Bursa
The cable car services to the ones going to Bursa

President Altepe Uludag gave the Gospel for the Cable Car Line: Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Uludag will add comfort to the transportation of the new ropeway by joining the trial voyages, modern transportation will begin at the end of May, he said.

The new ropeway that the city's old ropeway has modernized by the modern ropeway, the voyages will start at the end of May. Mayor Recep Altepe, who has been working with the aim of making transportation to Uludağ more comfortable and practical, joined the ropeways. President Altepe, Metropolitan Municipality with bureaucrats, Teferrüç'teki rides to Kadıyayla and Sarıalan'a stations with cable car, Teferrüç'e returned to the ropeway.

President Altepe, as well as the test work in the ropeway, as well as missing shortfalls, said:, One of the symbols of Bursa, Uludag, the most preferred old cable car, 1963 2013 50 year, until the year has served the city and its visitors. Now the old system is being modernized and our work on the new ropeway continues. Now, our citizens, with the new gondola system ropeway, Uludag will be more comfortable. Artık

Di No queue waiting “

Reminiscent of the new system, the passenger transport capacity of the cable car is higher than the former President Altepe, art Now there is no trouble, the passengers will not worry about waiting in line. 19 will move 1 cab per second and 35 road by road will be folded comfortably in minutes with the cable car 12. We're at the end of our work. Trial expeditions are being made. Soon we can reach Uludağ by a panoramic ride with the new cable car Yakında.

Expedition starts at the end of May

Teferrüç - Kadıyayla and Sarıalan line trial President Altepe, "After about 1 months, at the end of May this line will start flights," he said.

Stating that they aim to bring the cable car to the hotels area later in the summer, President Altepe emphasized that the new cable car is more resistant to wind compared to the old one and said, “The cabins can easily withstand up to 75-80 km of wind. The voyage will no longer be canceled due to the wind. The existing system is closer to the ground, and those who fear heights will be able to use the cable car comfortably. Transportation to Uludağ will be provided with an enjoyable journey in cabins for 8 people. The new ropeway will add value to Bursa ”.