Bartın Amasra Road is Afforested

Afforestation of Bartın Amasra Road: Bartın-amasra Highway afforestation has been successfully completed by Bartın Forest Plant Manager.
Seedlings were planted in past years. The new plant was planted with 750 pieces of cotoneaster, 300 pieces of fireflies, 50 pieces of acacia and 100 cedar saplings. Also 2,1 was knitted fence and lifeless curtain facility. Amasra Forest Operation Chief Erkan Sade stated that after the completion of the works on the new road route Kurucaşile-Amasra with the ongoing Amasra tunnel, they planned to be afforested. Bartın Forest Management Manager Selahattin Yanık stated that our works are not known enough by the public due to the fact that they are mostly in the forest area, but they expressed the satisfaction of the citizens due to the visual gains arising from the works carried out with the road afforestation.


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