Control of asphalt

📩 24/11/2018 12:31

Asphalt study inspection: Mayor of Izmit; Nevzat Doğan supervised the asphalt works on the Old Istanbul Road. Chairman Dogan Dogan, who started his research at Zincirlikuyu Mosque towards Asri Mezarlik, said, ından The asphalt was eroded in the Old Istanbul Road, which also used to go to Kocaeli University, Asri Cemetery, Armory, World Bank and City Housing areas. With the Metropolitan Municipality, we had planned the asphalting of the road before the election. But we did not do the asphalt work by saying that it was interpreted differently during the election atmosphere. After the selection we started to work immediately and we started to pave the way. Not only this, but the area of ​​the arsenal, Mehmet Ali Pasha region in this region, roads, pavements and social reinforcement areas will be in the fast work. In the new period, our work will continue to increase. Yeni

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