Elevator giant ThyssenKrupp Elevator firm favorite of Turkey

📩 25/11/2018 19:24

Elevator giant ThyssenKrupp Elevator firm favorite of Turkey: Century Project Marmaray systems in producing elevators and escalators ThyssenKrupp Elevator, in Rottweil in Germany, 244 meters in length 'elevator testing tower' building. Andreas Schierenbeck, the company's CEO, said they will also test high-speed elevators, which can reach 18 meters per second in the tower. Schierenbeck, "We want to apply this elevator in Turkey," he said.

Length of the world's highest elevator test tower will be one of about 40 million euros Schierenbeck indicated that information about the investment, said: "In Turkey, a huge potential, has large investments. This is one of our most important markets. Finally, we built 198 elevators and 165 escalators in the Marmaray project. Expanding high-rise buildings will increase the need for high-speed elevators. This lift would like to implement in Turkey.

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