Trends in Logistics Sector Research Result

Trends in Logistics Sector Research Result: sektör Foreign Capital yön and-Growth Expectations Decreased lar in Logistics Sector ğı According to the survey conducted by Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, Logistics Applications and Research Center, in April-June period of 2014, logistics managers will remain at the same level in the sector and predicts growth in the sector.

. First Quarter arı results of UT Trends Survey in Logistics Sector ile, which was realized in cooperation with International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTİKAD) by Beykoz Logistics Vocational School of Higher Education, Logistics Applications and Research Center, were announced every three months.

Prof. Dr. Bülent Tanla Dr. Under the coordination of Okan Tuna, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Dursun Yener, “Trends in Logistics Sector Research Araştır carried out by Aysun Akpolat and Tuğba Güngör with the support of UTIKAD, is repeated every three months and realizes the different perspectives and perceptions of the sector within the periods.

Logistics Sector Expectations Index Lojistik
The research, which was sent to the manager of UIKAD Member 400 logistics company and which includes the evaluation of the logistics sector within the scope of ”realizations UT and ün expectations UT, has reached remarkable results. Considering the next quarter (April-June, 2014), 61,9 44 participation in the survey, participating in the sector 'foreign capital investments' will remain at the same level 'while specifying the percent, XNUMX' growth in the expectation 'will not change' said. Compared to the results of the previous quarter, it is observed that the logistics sector has a negative attitude both in terms of foreign capital and growth.

On the other hand, it is also determined that the 66,7 of the enterprises operating in the sector is not thinking of an investment planning within the next three months. Since the investment plan was asked for the first time in this quarter, a comparison could not be made with the previous quarter.

Logistics Sector Competitiveness Index Lojistik
The results of the survey showed that devam price-based leyic competition in the logistics sector continues to be decisive. 2014 year 1. In the quarter, the managers 73 said that price competition was high in the sector. On the other hand, the iyel quality düşük and rekabet service speed “competition in the logistics sector was found to be very low. While the ratio of executives who say olarak high UM to quality competition is% 11,1, the rate of those who say ı high rekabet to service speed competition is determined as% 27.

Logistics Sector Confidence and Awareness Index Lojistik
In the results of the research, it was found that the level of trust in the logistics sector was low. 2014 year 1. In the quarter, only the 33,3 of the managers stated that the confidence level in the logistics sector was high and the confidence variable decreased compared to the previous quarter. The level of public and public awareness in the logistics sector is also very low. Only the 12,7 of the executives participating in the survey stated that the public knew the correct, while the 9,6 knew that the public was correct. Public awareness has decreased compared to the previous quarter and public awareness has increased slightly.

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