To the end on the West Boulevard in Ankara

Towards the end on the West Boulevard in Ankara: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality reached the final stage in the West Boulevard as an alternative to Istanbul Road. 7 bin 800 meters long boulevard, 75 in Batıkent. year starts at the City Hippodrome and ends on the Anatolian Boulevard. 1695 pieces over the former name 5 avenue West Boulevard and the 3 units from the lower overpasses have been completed. At the 2 crossroads, the last stage was reached.
Vedat Üçpınar, Head of the Department of Science Affairs of the Metropolitan Municipality, said, ı The construction of the crossroads called K1, K4 and K5 on the West Boulevard was completed and opened to traffic. The construction of K2 and K3 bridges is rapidly continuing. K
Vedat Üçpınar stated that the West Boulevard was built in order to relieve the traffic on the Istanbul Highway and added that ı After the completion of the West Boulevard, the traffic on the Istanbul Highway will be significantly reduced Batı.
The Metropolitan Municipality of the main arteries of the capital of the alternative street and boulevard were made, so that the flow of traffic is accelerated by saying that Üçpınar, at the same time told that the modern look of Ankara.
Vedat Üçpınar gave the following information about the crossroads that were completed or underway at West Boulevard, formerly 1695 Street:
The bridge which was constructed to provide an uninterrupted traffic flow between Batıkent and Ayaş road (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard) was built as a 4 span. The bridge was 2 lanes going 2 lanes going in total 4 lanes. The length of the bridge is 102 meters and the total length of the bridge was constructed as 480 meters together with the approach walls. 1695.cadde and 1800. in connection with the street. Bridge manufacturing was completed and opened to traffic.
On the western boulevard, the 4 (2 strip) 2 strip, 4 lane, 102 lane, 432 lane, was designed as a bridge to ease the traffic in the direction of Istanbul (Fatih Sultan Mehmet). 1818 is the length 1820 meter, with the side walls of the bridge whose total length is XNUMX meters with the approach walls. Street and XNUMX. Connections to the street were built. Bridge and intersection works are underway.
K-3 Bridge, at the intersection of Batıkent Boulevard and West Boulevard; Construction of the main arteries of the Batıkent area and the construction of the road to relieve the traffic on the way to Istanbul began.
The length of the underpass on the bridge made as the underpass (sinking) on ​​Batıkent boulevard is approximately 500 meters, the underpass length of the underpass is 65 m, underpass width 19.40 m, the number of traffic lanes of overpass 2 × 2 will serve as traffic with 4 lanes in total.
On the West Boulevard, with 4 pedestal and 3 open, the K-3 Bridge with a pre-stressed prefabricated beam system and the overhead width 21 meters, the number of traffic lanes 2 × 2 total 4 lanes.
The total length including the input-output 470 m, the overpass anasite length 91.70 m, will serve the traffic in bidirectional.
The K-3 Bridge, which has been completed for bridge construction, is still in service. On the upper bridge, the installation of the pavement concrete, pavement and guardrails continues.
Asphalt pavement is completed at the lower passage and asphalt paving works are continuing on the side roads.
The bridge to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow at the intersection of the West Boulevard-Abdulhalik Renda Street and Rajiv Gandhi Street was constructed with 4 openings, 2 lanes going 2 lanes and total 4 lanes. The length of the 102 meters, the total length of the walls with approach walls along with the 428 meters to the West Boulevard and 1800.caddeye connections were made. Bridge construction was completed and opened to traffic.
The construction of the K-5 Underpass Bridge within the scope of the Road and Junction Interchange between Batıkent Ayaş Road Project was completed and put into service. A total of 770 m long overhead bridge in the Ostim-Eskişehir route consists of 6 lanes. The bridge is a total 7 m wide, with 2 ribbon right and left side paths to ease traffic.



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