AnadoluJet meets with little children in Kocaeli Children's Festival

AnadoluJet meets with the children at the Kocaeli Children's Festival: AnadoluJet shows the value it gives to our children with special projects organized at every opportunity, and now 23 - 26 will be held in 6 April 23 April 41 April International Children's Festival, Education and Fun Fair. attending. AnadoluJet will take part in the festival with AnadoluJet Children's Theater and simulator event. XNUMX will meet with hundreds of children from the country Ş
People's airline AnadoluJet, 23 - 26 April 2014 dates of the 23 April International Children's Festival, Education and Entertainment Fair organized by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli are preparing to meet with the little ones.
This year's theme of "Baris Manco" as defined and 41 both AnadoluJet Children's Theater festival with the participation of thousands of children from different countries, as well as flight simulator activity to take place, AnadoluJet will allow you to have children entertained.
AnadoluJet Children's Theater, which reached approximately 155 thousand elementary school students with 87 representation in 31 school until now with 24 representation in Fuar The Magic of Lamp “, is the first representation of the festival in 2014 April 11.00 on the 25 April 13.00. XNUMX will perform at XNUMX on April.
AnadoluJet, the universal culture of the important contribution that Turkey was prepared elders Based on the game of life, a fictional character who Alaeddine, Turkish history of science of prominent names from Hezarfen Ahmed Chalabi and Nasreddin will carry his teacher at the same stage.
Flight simulator entertainment Uçuş
Festival covered exactly the Boeing 737 plane flight to the tiny attending the event with the simulator, which is the same model that lived in the excitement AnadoluJet, both to taste the thrill of using aircraft children will introduce various cities in Anatolia through both simulators.
Detailed information about AnadoluJet flights and social responsibility projects the official website and call center at 444 2 538.

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