A caterpillar on the streets

A caterpillar on the streets: O Bursa folks, we did not say we did not hear!
Maintenance work will be done on the tram line until May 9. Studies would continue from midnight to 5 am.
So around 20 will be applied to the insect care cure throughout the day.
No more make-up or lifting, or the path of the route he passed a lot is passed.
The insect itself does not have a defect, but the edges of the rails are very worn.
Considering that the bug was on the road for five months; you know, yesterday, 1, today 2, this is what I have to say so much weariness.
You know, since October 2013, when it started to be released on the streets of Bursa, the silkworm's problems have never stopped.
Staying on the road every other two, having difficulty climbing the hill, pausing to enjoy the cars parked on the road ...
This is what will happen if the poor insect is not created a special area for itself and is stripped into the 'jungle'.
The way he goes isn't special to him, so what can he do?
He's got a taxi, he has a bus, he's got a ride, he's got all kinds of special cars, he's got a son.
He is scratching a fight in that bullhorn.
Vehicles outside the insect are desperate. A strip of two-lane road of the years has stood out your insect. There's only one strip.
In the city, the vehicle is more than it used to be.
Then there's only one thing to do.
Dive in the path of the bug.
When insects are not in the middle, the problem is only with the insect's rope and split road apparatus.
While there is ashy itself ...
I wish that if the roads in our city were five lanes, we would gladly give him one of the lanes.
Zinhar wouldn't be our eyes. He wouldn't even have said anything. We'd like halal.
If we take a look at the path of the insect;
The road starting from Zafer Plaza, passing through Atatürk Avenue, until the Kent Square is both one-way and wide.
When you enter Darmstadt Street from the City Square, the road is still one-way but look for width so that it will be found.
The real nightmare is experienced in the part from Darmstadt Street exit to Zafer Plaza.
If the insect is about to leave Darmstadt Street, the drivers and passengers in the vehicle who want to go to Altıparmak by coming from the direction of İzmir come to the consistency of hives.
The insect's transition to raft is like a 'slow motion' scene of a movie.
Don't let the moonlight wake up….
The man comes down to the buggy.
"Come on, young people, take a hand…."

Anyway, we passed it.
Our young but with aching knees slowly climbs Altıparmak Avenue in front of the Stadium. It picks up and leaves its passengers at the station allocated for it (if there is no bus).
As buses approach the station, the insect stops cutting.
Are there any bugs or not? Should we enter or not? (Veee, when the driver of the line 22, which reaches Uludağ University, entered the tramway in the accident that took place on Atatürk Street on Tuesday, November 15.00 at 48, it collides with the silkworm coming from behind)
Dolmush and taxi tradesmen are both cunning, serial, and impatient. He's coming to the stops, coming out.

The exit from Darmstadt to Zafer Plaza had to be made one way, as on Atatürk Avenue. The two lanes from Çatalfıın to Altıparmak Caddesi and even Çarşamba should have joined the exit.
In short, it should have been a complete RING starting from the Town Square and ending at the Town Square.
That it is worth it.
Or all public transport except for the insect should be removed.

Considering that the problem is among those who are most satisfied with the insect;
There must be those who do not have time shortages but say, "I will go, look, and even stay with myself and listen a little".
It's a nice time to think about a ring alone mold that lasts about 40 minutes.
If your time is limited, do not attempt to get in any vain.
Jump on a dolmus or a taxi, see for yourself.

I do not know if the insect wandering in the heart of Bursa is as long as the life of the butterfly, but this is what it is.

Source: Canan Ekinci Yilmaz



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