What is Interrail

What is Interrail: The system that European State Railways Enterprises and some private rail enterprises invented so that travelers can visit Europe at affordable prices is called interrail.

InterRail Pass allows you to travel with all the railways included in the system (in theory) without paying a fee.

In theory: Night trains are required to be booked for additional trains. In addition, the interrail pass is not valid for some trains. However, there are free alternatives in all directions.
Every age group can travel to Europe with the Interrail pass. However, ticket prices vary by age.

3 age group.
Young -26 age
Adult + 26 age
Large + 60 age

Interrail tickets are available in different packages. You can give less money if you choose the ticket you need.

The questions you should ask yourself when deciding the type of your ticket are as follows;
How many day trip do I plan?
How many days do I take a train trip?
Travel all over Europe? Or is it enough to buy a single country ticket?
After you decide on your trip, of course, get the appropriate ticket at the end of long research.
You can buy the ticket from TCDD or from sites such as Genç Tur or RailDude. You can also review current ticket types and price information from these sites.



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