Turkish shipyards doubled the capacity by 8

Turkish shipyards have increased the capacity to 8: In the last 10 years, Turkish shipyards want to realize different projects that will increase the sector further.

Turkish shipyards turned their eyes to new projects.

The sector, which is making turnkey projects in the construction of special purpose ships and competing with the world's giants in this field, is now starting to have a say in different projects. Izmit Bridge and 3. The shipyards, which had taken the steel construction works of the bridge, started to make fish farms.

Some of the shipyards that started negotiations to get a job from wind energy projects are 3. The airport is preparing to take the steel construction business of the project. Kanal Istanbul, Black Sea oil exploration projects are also on the agenda of the sector. , Steel construction in the shipbuilding sector is a very complicated business, “said Murat Kıran, president of the Association of Shipbuilding Industrialists (GISBİR). So 3. We can do steel construction works of projects such as airports very easily, işler he said.


Turkish shipyards are no longer Shipbuilders' Association of Turkey pointed out that begin to take place in different projects in Turkey GİSBİR President Murat Kiran, "Izmit Bridge and 3. Our shipyards have undertaken all steel construction works of the Bridge. We have members of the fish farm. We have companies that have started negotiations to serve wind energy projects R.

Sector 3. Stating that he wanted to have a say in the projects such as the Airport and Kanal Istanbul, Kıran said: proj 3. We are preparing for the tender for the works of the airport project. The shipbuilding steel construction work is much more complicated than what is done there. Therefore, shipyards can do this very easily. The Kanal Istanbul project can provide us with a lot of work. There will be many special projects for shipbuilding. In fact, the world's leading dredger (excavator, piercing ship) companies have come to negotiate with us companies. They know there is a lot of work here and they want to cooperate. Burada



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