Bouquet Cetinkaya Turkey third in the ski industry

Bouquet Cetinkaya third in the ski industry Turkey: Turkey Ski Federation Presidency of the Alpine covering all age categories of the program of activities located in Erzurum, Turkey 2014 Championship was completed with the competitions held in Konaklı Ski Center. In the championship, skier Buket Çetinkaya from Kayseri has won third place.

In the championship in Erzurum, Kayseri was represented with 19 athletes. Turkey Olympic Preparation Center athletes Bouquet Cetinkaya young ladies has scored a major success by getting Turkey 3'cülüg in slalom disciplines. In addition, Esra Sazak became an athlete who took the 2nd place in the Senior Ladies Slalom Branch and 3rd in the Small Slalom Branch.

Regional team coach Hülya Çam, in a statement about the championship, said, “We did not have a productive season because there was not much snow in our city this year, but the degrees we received hopeed us. We completed the championship fourth as a team. We have full confidence that we will have a much better season for the next year. ” said.

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