Traffic safety of the cone

Traffic safety of the cone An example should be taken to Bursa: The Silkworm tram line, which is operated in the city, is a good practice.

But the tram and bus stops were confused. This creates huge dangers. For example; Timurtaspasa-Cakirhamam, front of the bus stop for the tram in front of the BaliBey Inn was laid in front of the old bus stops.

In addition to excessive pedestrian density, the traffic and the flow are high. Therefore, the bus stops at the side of the main street, passenger loading-unloading and waiting area is very inadequate.

In addition, some of the public transport vehicles on the tram way to download and take passengers while others also have to use the stops on the street

Citizens in the back or front of the bus stop in the bus stop and waiting where the vehicle is expected to stop from overcrowding, from the sidewalk to the road, the risk of crushing.

During my visit to Konya, they were only watching the tram and the vehicles on their own determined routes. This should be taken as an example in our city.

In front of the SGK and in other places, minibuses and many private vehicles use the tramway very quickly. Some places have one stop for tram and bus. Therefore, the main road is forced to ride on the bus.

Therefore, my demand is to separate the tram and vehicle traffic as much as possible, or to allow citizens to get on and off from one place.

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  1. In every civilized country, only and only rescue vehicles (fire brigades, lifeguards, etc.) can benefit from the tramway. Taxis make it a getaway in some places. Stops can be partners. BUT it should not be forgotten that iron-wheeled vehicles have the superiority and priority of absolute crossing! This preference is valid in all the earth, originate in physics. Where pedestrian traffic is dense, barrier systems are placed between the road and the pedestrian, making the passage difficult, preventing the sudden splatter and preventing it. These are normal measures. Of course, the head of everything; accurate planning, correct implementation. Or if you divide the road with a barrier and there is no pedestrian crossing at the 5-7 km or rare, it will cross the street, no matter what you say to the man / woman. In this case, it is not the person (s) who interferes with the traffic, but the unit responsible for the transportation that divides its own traditional way.