The goal is to keep the black train movies

Naci Akdağ, one of the 3 people who can use this train in order to keep the steam locomotive tradition we are used to seeing only in movies, educates young people in this area.

Where the only steam locomotive to move to Turkey it has been organized to raise steam locomotive machinist training program in Usak. Machinist Naci Akdağ from Uşak, one of the three people who can drive steam locomotives, teaches young engineers how to drive steam locomotives. After the training given by Naci AKdağ, 3 young engineers from Uşak, İzmir and Konya steam locomotive depots successfully completed the course.

Currently 3 machinist from someone who is able to use steam locomotives in Turkey Naci Akdag (69), father of the demiryolc. Stating that he was tempted to be a mechanic by seeing him from his father, Akdağ said, “Trains have become my passion. It was the last years of the reign of steam trains when I started my profession. Their whistle, the smoke they hurled, had been my ideal. Then came trains with diesel engines or something. I learned to use them too. But I never gave up my love of blackness. Now I am trying to train our 12 younger brothers to use these steam locomotives. Do not let steam trains disappear. A high-speed train will come to Uşak soon. But the tradition should not disappear. Our Regional Directorate is also working very well to bring tradition and technology together ”.

Machinist Naci Akdağ said, “Steam locomotives can be rented. Currently there are 2 steam locomotives in Uşak. TCDD can be leased with 5 thousand TL for 40 days. Turkey is currently the largest steam locomotive maintenance center in Usak. But the number of people using the steam locomotive is very small. There was a person before me and he retired. Apart from that, I am the only one in Uşak ”.

With a 124-year history, the Uşak Train Station and the steam locomotive have become an indispensable place for many producers and directors. Famous director Atıf Yılmaz's film titled “Eğreti Gelin”, “Prisoner of Love” starring Kerem Alışık, “Put Yourself to Go” and “Where the Fire Fell” starring Levent Kırca, “Bullet Wound” starring Berdan Mardini. TV series, Cem Yılmaz's famous bank commercial, Özhan Eren's clip of "Black train does not come", Yılmaz Erdoğan's "Butterfly's Dream", "The Great Exile", Mahzun Kırmızgül's "Miracle" movie, Once popular TV series, "Deli Saraylı" and "Tozlu Yollar" were shot at the Uşak Train Station.

The Locomotive in Uşak has an interesting story. It is stated that when İsmet İnönü was the President, he brought the locomotive from Ankara to Uşak, which is still in Uşak. Naci Akdag the locomotive's story was described as follows: National chief and Turkey's 2nd President Ismet Inonu 1959, the locomotive of the train that brings Usak again this German Henschel company making steam locomotive ... Ismet Inonu, has begun a tour of the Aegean Region. İsmet İnönü, who departed from Ankara on April 29, 1959, came to Uşak on April 30, 1959 ”.

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