Renault Trucks in Eze Construction Fleet raises the number of trucks to 84

Renault Trucks in the Eze Construction Fleet has increased the number of trucks to 84: Eze Construction has adopted the principle of sustainable development in all of its projects. .
Eze Construction, which has been operating since 2000 in the field of construction, road construction and asphalt construction works, has strengthened 105 vehicles with 13 vehicles Premium 460.19T Renault Tow Truck. The number of vehicles increased to 118, while Renault Trucks increased the number of vehicles to 84.
Melik Ezer, who took the floor during the delivery ceremony on behalf of Eze İnşaat, a group company of Metgün Construction, founded in 1986, said: gün Our cooperation with Renault Trucks is quite old. At the core of this long-term and long-term cooperation, Renault trucks have an important place in terms of durability and efficient fuel savings. In our fleet, there are 118 vehicles in total. The 84 of these vehicles is Renault Trucks. This number is the harbinger of our cooperation, and we will work with Renault Trucks in our new investments. Bu
Renault Trucks Regional Sales Manager Çoşkun Saraç in the ceremony on behalf of Renault Trucks, Koçaslanlar Holding Board Member Lokman Koçaslan, Koçaslanlar Holding Member, Koçaslanlar Automotive, Mesas Süzer, Koşaslan Automotive Branch Managers, and Erdoğan Seymen and VFS Finansman A.Ş. Ercan Bayar took place. Saraç said İnşaat We have been working with Eze İnşaat as Renault Trucks for a long time. I believe that our cooperation, which has been going on until now, will continue with strengthening after today. Renault Trucks is the basis of this cooperation with its fuel efficiency efficiency and durability. It also makes us proud to announce that Eze Construction will continue its investments with us. I hope that new vehicles will bring plenty of profit to both our economy and Eze İnşaat. Yeni

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