The World's Longest Cable Car Is Abandoned

The Longest Gondola of the World 25 Year Abandoned to Decay: In the Inebolu district of Kastamonu, the longest ropeway system in the world, which was established between the port and the copper mines in the Küre mountains and also known as the grove, was left to rot for a quarter of a century due to the transition to road transportation.

In the 1988, where the Küre Eti Bakır Tesisleri is located in the public sector, the cable car line, which was established to transport the copper from the mines to the Küre Mountains with forest and rugged terrain, is located along the 21.5 kilometer from the villages, trees and highways of İnebolu Port to Eti Bakır. It stretches. One of the most important features of the ropeway, which was built at cost of $ 1 million in time to reduce the cost, was that it was designed to work with zero energy. 5.5 tons of iron cargo buckets found in 750 kilograms with their own weights were poured into Inebolu Port after a long journey of several kilometers through air, and the emptied buckets were pulled up again. The transportation line, which was used for nearly 1.5 years, was left to rot due to reasons such as privatization of the company, insufficient capacity of İnebolu Port and the demand for road transport.

The iron shipping buckets and ropeway systems hanging in the air can surprise the viewers, cannot be removed due to their high cost, nor can they be restored for tourism purposes.



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