RayHaberThe keepers of the castle will be women in the tournament sponsored by

RayHaberWomen will be the keepers of the castle in the tournament supported by women: Women who want to remind that football has a meaning other than winning and losing in the 'Girls on the Field' event organized in cooperation with Actifit and Istanbul Champions this year. In the tournament, which will start on April 27, there will be images that we are not used to in green fields. The women, who will join forces and form teams, will enjoy the field, as well as highlight social problems.
Preparations are complete for the tournament that brings together women who have never played football in their lives. Nearly 27 women will gather on the field on Sunday, 500 April. A total of 22 teams of Turkey's well-known firms and 8 women brought together by the individual participants, the tournament will start with group matches. In the tournament where colorful images will be experienced, the teams will appear on the field with their costumes and banners.
Women who will have fun while contributing to the community, are the best reflecting team spirit and have the best gifts
Things racing. The National Team Coach Fatih Tekke and the team that inspired the team with the support of TFF at the Girls' Field event, and Vedat İnceefe, the U-19 National Team Technical Officer, will train on Sunday, May 4.
U14 Support for Women from our Girls
4 is the end date of the tournament where unforgettable moments will take place in May. GS-BJK U14 girls will perform the match. Besides the TOG and ÇOÇA from the Dreams Academy, cheerleaders will have a great show.
In the project, which aims to empower women through football, all audience income will be donated to the Let's Volunteer Project of the Community Volunteers Foundation. With this project, it is aimed to improve the sports opportunities of 700 children in Eyüp Central Secondary School and to start sports as of 2014 Fall period. The project will also create a scholarship fund for girls studying at ITU through the Women's Research Center.
Media sponsored by Karnaval.com, the tournament is served by Coca Cola, Banvit and Papa John's. The Social Volunteers Foundation's social responsibility partner, Girls on the Field, is supported by the ITU Maslak and Women's Studies Center as the venue sponsor. The video production business solution partner of the organization is Moneta Productions. Bee Goddess, Martı Hotels & Marinas and Çiçek Sepeti will give prizes and surprise gifts to women.
The first of the Girls in the Field project was realized in 2013. Last year in the memory of the memory of his mother, children supporting the life of their spouses and the enthusiasm of thousands of fans cheer for the success of the interesting tribune views remained.
Eureko Insurance, HDI Insurance, Vodafone, Finansbank1, Finansbank2, Advertising Store, Lidyana.com, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, BP, Saran's Angels, American Hospital, Mudo, TNT Express, Allianz, Aral, Prolink, Pfizer, Acıbaddem1, Acıbadem2, Borusan Otomotiv Topuklu Crampons, Group matches in the tournament filled with brand new surprises, where the teams of Bilim Pharmaceuticals will compete. 27 will be played in April, and the final matches will be played at ITU Maslak in 03 - 04 May.



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