Surprise traffic fines will end

Surprised traffic fines will end: The surprise fines after years of vehicle fines due to late processing of traffic fines to the system end with the amendment of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles applicable to the Collection and Follow-up of the Administrative Fines imposed in accordance with the provisions of the Highways Traffic Law and with the Regulation on the Receipts, Minutes and Books It looks like it will.
With the amendment of the regulation, all of the minutes of traffic fines will be sent to the Revenue Administration electronically within the 7 days.
Traffic fines have to be communicated within 10 days.
With the new regulation amendment, traffic fines can be notified within the investigation statute of limitations specified in the Law on Misdemeanors. With this provision, the penalties are given the opportunity to be notified even after 3 years.
The Ministry of Interior has put in force a new regulation amendment as a result of the fact that citizens have applied to the courts for the cancellation of traffic fines which have not been notified in time and many problems have been encountered.
I think that the fines of the Traffic which will be transferred to the records of the Revenue Administration in electronic environment will be largely compensated by the grievances of the citizens.
However, the new regulation change due to the late processing of the system of traffic fines cut before the grievance of citizens does not resolve the old traffic fines, I believe that a legal arrangement should be made.
Previously, Law 6495 introduced 31.12.2010 installments for the fines that were cut and unpaid before the date of 3. Due to the late processing of traffic fines and the inadequacy of taxpayers from the relevant law, the victimization of old traffic fines continues.
Due to the traffic fines being handled late in the system, citizens are victimized with interest rates of double the amount of the penalty. Citizens with traffic fines are expecting amnesty for traffic fines due to their grievances.

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