Road Safety in Urban Transportation will be Discussed

Road Safety in Urban Transportation will be Discussed: A conference on “Road Safety in Urban Transportation da will be organized in order to increase public awareness on road safety. Aygaz also found among the sponsors of the conference, Monday, April 28 Turkey Sustainable Transport Association hosted by EMBARQ; Istanbul will take place in Salt Galata. The conference will focus on the safety of travel in urban transport, targets and strategies to reduce traffic accidents, as well as the works carried out on the relevant international platforms.
Aygaz is Turkey's leading energy companies with quality service concept, international and non-governmental organizations that are signatories of the many sustainable transportation projects worldwide performing EMBARQ Turkey's cooperation with the feet.
Under the cooperation aimed at raising public awareness on road safety, EMBARQ Turkey Sustainable Transport Association hosted "Road Safety in Urban Transport" themed conference will be held. The conference, which is celebrated in the first week of May every year, will be held on Monday in April at t Salt Galata liği in Karaköy, Istanbul.
Aygaz is a supporter of the effectiveness of EMBARQ, which uses dirty fuel usage, air pollution and greenhouse gas emission reduction as its main targets, and works to minimize environmental damage. Autogas, which has a lower carbon emission than other fuels, offers an environmentally friendly alternative in the evaluations made from the source to the end-use point. Through the use of LPG vehicles last year, less than about 1 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions took place in Turkey. In addition, LPG does not have the Black Carbon substance, which has the largest share in global warming after carbon dioxide.
'Road Safety in Urban Transportation' conference; road safety, reducing traffic accidents, in the direction of Turkey's objectives and strategies and international organizations that studies conducted by transferring about problems and solutions will also be tabled. Security General Directorate within the Conference on Traffic Safety Platform, the Ministry of Transport, Police Academy Brigade of my Presidency, EMBARQ Turkey-Sustainable Transport Association, WHO-World Health Organization, will participate as a speaker at the Red Crescent and IETT officials. At the conference, as well as academicians, NGOs, public institutions, local government and private sector representatives will share their experiences according to their areas of expertise.

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